2008 scale models coming….UrSaab here now.

The 2008 Saab 9-3 isn’t in showrooms yet but according to the Elkparts website the scale model is coming soon. Maybe it’ll beat the real thing!?

1:43 scale models of the 2008 9-3 will be available soon in all three model variants and you can get them individually or as a complete pack of three.

Elkparts are accepting pre-orders for the 2008 scale models and as with all pre-order campaigns at Elkparts, your credit card will not be charged until the model is dispatched. Models are expected to arrive at Elkparts in October.

The one proviso with this, however, is that it’s so early in the cycle that colors for the scale models are yet to be confirmed. I’ll publish an update when that occurs.


The other significant model that’s available now is the 1:43 scale model of UrSaab.


This is the first time the UrSaab has been produced in a 1:43 scale model and it comes mounted in a special UrSaab presentation box. It can be ordered on its own or as a pair along with the Aero-X.


Click here to visit the Elkparts model cars page.

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  1. Don´t you think it´s about time to make scale-model of C900? It´s THE Saab and so we should have few on them on our desks and so on.
    I would love to see a scale-model C900 Aero ´84 in Pearl White.

  2. Hej Ryan,

    It is your photo – I emailed you on Monday 18 June to say: ‘I’ve nabbed the UrSaab image from yuour blog just whilst I await delivery of our initial order so I can get a photo. Hope you don’t mind.’

    I now have an UrSaab on my desk and will get our own photography soon and send the images to you and Swade!

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