900 fixup-and-sell videos

My undying thanks to Robert for linking me up with these.

It’s a series I’d not seen before, but having just watched the program it’s something I’m happy to put up here on site.

It’s a series called Wheeler Dealers and the object is to source, purchase and fix up a modern classic for around GBP1,000. This series sees them looking at a classic Saab 900 Turbo.

Many of you who may have done this sort of thing many times already might not think much of this, but as one who loves buying cars and wishes I had the requisite skills to fix one up, I’m having a great time waching these. I may have to set out on this quest myself some time in the near future so it’s been very interesting to watch.


The show is divided into five parts, each around 9 minutes or so. This first instalments sees an overview of the C900 and the presenter sourcing a car, which he then looks over and takes for a test drive.

The seller’s obviously a guy familiar with Saab’s longevity. When our presenter says “185,000 miles, that’s a bit of a worry” he quickly retorts with “Not in a Saab it isn’t”.

I like the man.



In the second episode, they do a deal for the car and then get it back to the garage where they replace the brakes and the electric window motor.

Some good tips in here. Great series!


In part three they take a look at a pristine Saab 900 to see where they’re heading. If it’s your car, then please take a bow….

After that, the exhaust is examined and the rear muffler replaced.


Part 4, a shorter episode at just five minutes, sees the tan leather interior being replaced with a black one and the difference is worth seeing. I’m quite sure I couldn’t get a full interior here in Australia for the price he’s picked it up for in the UK.


In the final entry they put the interior back together and embark upon the sell (placing their ad on Saab Central!). I always squirm when I see people talking up their car and this is no exception, but they manage to make a few quid and the good part is that I was entertained and a little bit educated along the way.

I hope you enjoyed the series. Good stuff. Thanks again, Robert!

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  1. The first video refused to load, but it was very interesting anyway. Now I want to either find a leather interior for my car or save up some money and have it retrimmed.

    But first I need a new cat converter, new brakes all around, a major tune up, and the transmission needs to be looked at. After all that, I’m totally going leather.

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