9-7x, meet Prius

Couldn’t resist.

Today’s Dilbert.


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  1. Excellent green thinking that.

    That quote perfectly sums up the desalination plant (and existing windfarm) that’s about to be built in my beautiful coastal backyard. As long as somebody else sacrifices, that’s OK.

  2. Yeah, God forbid you lose your nice view of the ocean to some propellers and a building. Such a travesty. Where else would they build a desalination plant? I’d love to see some offshore windfarms around here, I think they look pretty cool.

  3. Uncalled for, I believe. Just trying to moderate before this becomes some sort of melee over the relative merits of wind power and desalination.

  4. Well, both are highly overrated. Haha!

    The thing that makes Dogbert funny in most of the Dilbert strips is the thread of truth in what he says.

    Driving a Prius is, in my mind, a questionable environmental move due to the heavy metals and nickel needed for the batteries (nickel is one of the most toxic substances occuring in nature) and the additional fuel burned to make those metals pure. But, if you accept the hybrid premise (and I’m exempting the plug-in hybrid here), the Prius still doesn’t save that much gasoline or emissions. So, if the driver continues to drive as before, no huge benefit.

    The REAL savings come with behavior modification — no change in vehicle required. People in Southern California (and in most large cities) need to suck it up and carpool. People everywhere need to live closer to where they work. People need to combine trips as much as possible. People need to treat gasoline as a precious resource.

    The Prius is the automotive equivalent of low-fat potato chips — it lets you continue to indulge yourself without feeling as guilty. That goes double or triple for the hybrid SUVs!

  5. Sorry, I know zip about desalination, and I don’t really care about wind power (like I said, I just think the propellers look cool).

    Anyway, no one would buy Prii if they didn’t have the engine. They’re crappy, ugly cars but OMG MILEAGE.

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