A tiny bit of Pepper Green Metallic

We;ve seen plenty of Snow Silver (aka Dolphin Green Metallic 😉 but there’s been precious little Pepper Green Metallic on display.

On my first full day in Trollhattan I went to the Saab Factory for my factory tour with Christer Nilsson and believe it or not, I pulled up and parked next to what I believe was a Pepper Green Metallic car in the public car park just outside the technical division.

Being my first full day in Trollhattan, and given my nervousness about lining up and shooting a full pic of a car that I wasn’t supposed to be seeing (as I thought at the time) – and given the thanks I felt towards Christer for such a great tour – I refrained from shooting a photo of the car in full.

I wish I had how, sort of.

But I did take a couple of detail shots, one to show the side marker lamps in front and another as a laugh about the tow bar at rear (that tow bar still cracks me up).

For what it’s worth, here they are. From my recollection, the color is like a lighter and greyer version of Arbor Green and it looked pretty good.




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  1. Snow Silver “Dolphin Gray Metallic”?! Looks like white with a touch of silver in pictures, your description makes it sound ikky!

  2. The pepper green doesn’t really look that green at all- it reminds me more of a smoke beige. If it is green, then it is a REALLY light green.

    I was hoping for the return of something along the lines of Scarabe Green =)

  3. As the car had American-spec front lamps, were the tail lamps clear or red as we’ll likely see on the production model? If the latter, how did they look compared the more controversial altezza-like ones?

  4. Tow bar on a car are as common in Sweden as wagons, we like to be prepared for the one time every two years when we need a tow bar.

  5. Psycho Dave,

    True. “We must have a tow bar, it’s good to have just in case…” And then you never use it. 🙂

    Arbor Green was a strange thing indeed. The first facelifted 9-5 I saw in October 05 was in Arbor Green. I couldn’t understand why the military bought new 9-5 and painted them green. Then I saw the plates and the were not military ones. Horrible colour…

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