All has been revealed


Here’s the video. It’ll be totally underwhelming to some as it’s all in Swedish.

The Snow Silver really does look great and the rear lights, whilst they take a little getting used to, actually look pretty good in person.

This is a definite improvement on an already solid car and everyone around here seems pretty happy with it over all.

UPDATE (again) – YouTube says the Video is still processing, so if you get the “This Video is no longer available” message, please check back. It’s under 10 minutes in length so it should be OK.

I’m yet to get a translation of what Jan-Ake said here, but I have been told a few bullet points.

The most important one of which is that the Aero model will be powered by the V6 uprated to 280hp!!!

The interesting thing about this is that I’ve already received a US spec sheet for the car in pdf format (about a month or so ago) and it only rated the car at 255hp. I’ve even seen a video presentation by a Saab USA executive stating 255hp as the figure for the MY08 9-3.

If you can explain a possible 25hp difference between the Swedish and US spec models, then please chime in though comments.

Someone’s asked about interior changes. What I’ve heard from someone who’s driven the car is that the biggest interior changes aren’t ones that you’ll necessarily see. The interior is reported to be much quieter in terms of rattles and squeaks, a possible side benefit to Saab of all the work that was done on the BLS. As far as appearances are concerned, there is a black interior available. Those of you who have asked about the silver surround on the dash (that reflects like a crack on the windscreen) – yes, it’s still there.


The reveal of the 9-3 for MY 2008 occurred a few hours ago here in Trollhattan. I videoed the entire thing, though it’ll be a bummer for many because the whole event was conducted in Swedish!

But, the Swedes will get to see it and will understand what’s going on and eventually you will all see the cars unveiled.

I can tell you that all three variants revealed today were Snow Silver in color. They said beforehand that the XWD will be presented, but I looked under the car and couldn’t really tell anything. They certainly announced the presence of XWD in the model range, that much I could make out from the speech.

As mentioned, I’ll upload the video later this evening. Right now is my last chance to catch up with some international friends and visitors to this site, so we’re going for pizza. I’ll have film of the reveal and plenty of photos from the cars on display later on.


Sorry if this is a little delayed from my usual habit of posting everything asap, but to tell you the truth I’m totally knackered. The 3am nights I’ve spent posting are catching up with me and I have to drive the new cars tomorrow, so I’ll post as much as I can later tonight whilst still allowing enough time to pack and sleep before the big drive tomorrow.


I’ve also had some incredibly interesting conversations with people today.

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  1. Oh man I can’t wait for the specs and photos….

    ….and all cars presented in snow silver!

    How does the Sedan look in that color!?!?!

    Enjoy the time with your friends, Swade, and your well-deserved rest.

  2. Yeah, Swade, plenty of time to process pics and video once you get back home. Enjoy yourself and be safe.

    Just don’t drink so much that you can’t remember the really juicy inside stuff. We want to see it on the blog.

  3. hehe I cant wait until the next post about swade totaling a new 9-3 because of falling asleep at the wheel! 😛

    Swade, I’d really be interested in the interior upgrades, if you can get a general feel of what they did. You’ve been spending a lot of time in a current 8-3SS so I’m sure a lot of us would like to know if they made any discrete changes that went unmentioned to the interior materials used, if any. Enjoy the drive, we all wish we were in your shoes right now 😉

  4. And again delayed 30 minutes!? What´s going on.. Isn´t there enough people online watching, or what´s wrong?

    STSC site shows one pic of Snow White Convertible which looks very neat. I´m really looking forward to see Swade´s report from the launch event.

    It´s been great to have possibility to read about everything from Saab fest, almost at the time from this site! Thanks again Swade and sleep well before tomorrows test drive! Enjoy it and tell us about it later!!

  5. Lame. First is was 6 PM CET, then 8 PM, the 9 PM, and now 9.30 PM…

    Maybe Swade will be first even if he has to fly back to Aussie land and edit the video at home…

  6. The delay really is a bugger. I´ve been waiting this since it was showing 27 days. And when the time comes.. nothing.. press refresh, voilá there´s 1 hour more, and 30 min more, what´s next? 15 min more? Okay, it must be worth it. I´m gettin crazy here, I guess I´ll just order TTiD Aero XVD in Snow Silver immediately when it´ll be available here.. 😀

    On the otherhand, it´s very expensive and I don´t have extra money.. Fortunately we have lottery.

  7. LOL @ Mats!!!

    Where is Swade when we need him? He could have done the whole bloody thing faster than Saab HQ?

    Anyone know what STSC is?

    Getting all frazzled waiting for this, I have to head out but not before I see the 08s!

    Zippy 🙁

  8. And another 30 minutes more. It would be 23:00 here in Finland without any quarantee that even this time is the real deadline. Instead I’ll hit the sack.

    Saab does not seem to understand that the world is full of cars ready to be bought.

    I was very attracted to the 180 hp TTiD if it would come with automatic transmission but since Saab is not willing to launch this I’ll probably set for V70 D5 AWD… At least it is available for purchase 🙁

  9. First thing I said was “oh no, those awful rear lights!”. Upon reflection though they look pretty cool against that drop-dead-gorgeous snow silver paint job!


  10. “we have simplified the doorhandels…”

    hmm. the word is cheapified not simplified. duh. ok, those new to saab may not notice. but i know how those doorhandles are simplified and that turns me of.
    who at GM said that we will share more components that isnt visable to the buyer? yet they fit a standard GM-radio and AC-unit and now the doorhandles. you might fool avg Joe but saabfans are way smarter than that.

    with that said i still think it looks great but the three things mentiond is a thorn in my side.

  11. Why havn’t they simplified the doorhandles on the vert then if the new ones are so good? Stupid markteing language…

    The movie is a bummer. Zero interesting info and absolutely no technical stuff. Just corporate bs for a few minutes about how great the car looks.

  12. ctm,

    I reckon they havent changed the door handles on the vert as it isnt built in Trollhattan and would have cost too much to re-jig the line in Austria. Its just a guess!

    zippy 🙂

  13. Doorhandle looks very vectra-ized, very dissapoiting. Nice though the saab-text reappears at the front chrome facsia, miss that on the last 9-5.

  14. STSC? Saab Turbo Sweden Club??? It’s supposed to be STCS, Saab Turbo Club of Sweden.(As baracuda said)

    I took a couple of images of the new 9-3 when I was over there. Here are they, if youre interested 🙂

    9-3 SC

    9-3 SS (This one left a stain on the road, took a photo of that too. Looked like some red fluid, power steering or brakes?)

  15. “If you can explain a possible 25hp difference between the Swedish and US spec models, then please chime in though comments.”

    My guess is emissions.

  16. Maybe the 280hp was a slip, because the pricelist for Sweden list the car with 255hp, so I don’t think emissions play a roll in it. The only thing I can think of is the XWD vehicles might have been beefed up to 280hp and that is not yet listed on the price list. Just a thought.

  17. The 25hp difference isn’t Sweden/US difference. It’s a FWD/XWD difference. Technically, the ’08 WILL have a top of 255hp. It won’t be until ’08-1/2 that the 280hp version will be available (with the XWD). Remember, 280hp really isn’t any use with FWD! Even *with* TCS!

  18. my guess is the 280hp version is for the xwd version.

    So is there an official actual spec sheet for what the US models will have? That’s great and all they showed the models off – now where’s the info on each?

    Stereo, what’s standard, how much more for the Aero, etc….

  19. Im hoping a more powerful version wil put out 300 or a litle more

    that awd is gonna eat all that hp and torque up… that car is gonna feel like a 9-5 aero having a good day :(:)

  20. As has been said, 280hp in a FWD drive car is a bit of a waste.

    Heck, even the 250hp in our current Aero are hard to transfer to the pavement from a standing start.

    Funny how the Aero XWD (if it will indeed have 280hp) is getting closer to the S60R (our other car) which ironically Volvo will probably stop making.

    I would also agree that the new interior (-07) was a bit disappointing. The stereo in particular feels very cheap.

    I will end by chiming in with the rest in asking SAAB for a simple table of specs.

  21. Volvo already nixed the R lineup.

    I like the new door handles, but I do miss the body cladding a little bit…I think they should have kept it but maybe streamlined it a bit and maybe color matched it. Whatever. I just want to know when these things will be on the dealer lots so I can go gawk at them.

  22. First Saab Comment, and potential Saab owner. So I have been following and contemplating about getting a Saab for several months and actually put off getting the 2007 Special Edition version due to the 2008 models. I am actually really excited that Saab has taken the more agressive styling (finally!) and because of it, I am now more inclined in getting the new model. I can not wait to put in my new order and have it delivered and show my friends what Saab are really made of!

  23. I must say I still prefer the cleaner 2007 styling… in every way – a car can be dynamic without exaggerating its features! (Okay those Caddy door look okay)
    I for one am not regretting for a second my decision to order a 07.
    The XWD would have been fun, but is still not available in the Biopower.
    And the 2.0t Biopower option is probably nothing but a software upgrade any way…
    I now look forward to something good in the next generation 9-3.

    But… for SAAB I hope this update will open for new target groups perhaps…

  24. i wonder how long it will be b4 aftermarket parts people will be selling replacement tail lights to those black things….

  25. We still haven’t seen the black turbo. I have a feeling this may well be the 320bhp version of the 2.8V6 turbo we have heard about. Either that or they are really going to push the boat out and make it that biopower concept hybrid with 400bhp 🙂 🙂 🙂 That really would scare the heck out of ‘M’ and ‘S’ 😉

    I love the new look btw 🙂 Although I still do not think we have seen Snow Silver in its best light. Swade, now that you have seen the colour in the flesh, can you confirm that it is the same as that on the Aero X?

    I’ve loved every minute of your reporting over there, it has been fab 🙂

    Saab, don’t just drive it, think it 🙂 🙂 tm…Kaz 🙂

  26. The recorded power of an engine depends partly on where you measure it. At a guess, the difference in hp figures will be down to how much the measured horsepower takes into account the transmission losses.

    Is the US 255hp a SAE certified value?

  27. Richo, I’m sure you’ll be able to buy alternate taillight assemblies from North America when they come out. I’m almost positive those taillights won’t make it to N.A.

  28. Well, I called my local Saab dealer and told him to call me as soon as ordering information was available for the 2008 9-3 SC, specifically with XWD. I can not wait!!!!

  29. If anyone remembers, Ford under-rated the Mustang 5.0’s engine specs for the early 90’s years to help buyers with insurance premiums….. (I miss my 5.0)

    Maybe Saab USA is under-rating the 9-3 Aero to help us Americans save some tax money 😛

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