And you thought I was impatient!!

The new 2008 Saab 9-3 hasn’t even started proper production yet, and already my mates over at Auto Motor and Sport are looking towards the next generation.

Here’s the front cover of the latest issue:


It seems to feature an animator’s CGI of a new 9-3. The basis for the CGI is at this point unknown to me, but it’ll be interesting to find out. My quick impression – I think that’s probably a bit too regressive given what we’ve seen in the last few months. But that’s just me.

But that’s not all….

They’ve also got a story on an apparent new Saab as well, with what I assume is another CGI. This one’s a mystery, for sure:


If anyone picks the mag up in the next few days, a precis of the articles would be most appreciated by all, I’m sure.


My thanks to Howard D for the tip!

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  1. If the all new 9-3 is due in 2010/11 you can be sure that the new car has been designed already. It takes so long to develop a car the designers are thinking about the next one when they launch the current car.

    BTW I hear what you say on design Swade but I think it is good to evolve a new look over 2-3 model cycles.

  2. “the notchback picture is of a proposed new 9-5….actually ugly in my view.”

    I love it! And I’ll get one if they do it right!


  3. That 9-5 CGI (or whatever it is) profile reminds me of the M-B CLS.

    Then I googled a bit and came across this short blurb I’ve not seen before (see reference to CLS):

    New details on the 2008 Saab 9-5
    Thursday 2 November 2006

    “The Saab 9-5 is long overdue for an overhaul, with the current model first hitting the streets back in 1997. The next generation model, which is due in Autumn 2008 will be the first all-new Saab since 2001, and will feature avant-garde styling similar to the 9X concept car from 2005. UK’s Car Magazine has put together a possible rendering of the new car that it compiled with the help of Saab insiders.

    The new 9-5 will feature a protruding nose, large vents and sculpted bodywork that will resemble Mercedes’ coupe-like four-door CLS. It will be built on a heavily revised version of GM’s Epsilon II platform, which is shared by both Opel and Saturn, but could include “more than one suspension set up, different steering racks, and three levels of electronics,” said GM Europe boss Carl-Peter Forster.

    There will likely be an all-wheel drive model, plus two new V6 engines that include a V6 common rail diesel and range topping turbo petrol V6 developing upwards of 350bhp. Follow the jump to see the image in full.”

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