Another 2008 9-3 test

UK motoring service 4car has written up its thoughts on the 2008 Saab 9-3, though this is the first review I’ve seen that focuses on the Convertible.


They conduct their reviews using a number of categories (maximises their page views, you see) and highlights from each are as follows:

Reliability and Quality:
Saab seems to have got on top of the problems that affected early 9-3s…..Saabs have always been tough and rugged, going on to very high mileages and this new 9-3 should be no exception.

Exterior detailing has been tidied up, and it looks as good top-up as top-down – one advantage of its fabric roof is that it stows away in a smaller space, allowing for a more elegant rear end than that of the so-called coupe-convertibles with folding metal roofs.

The Saab combination of powerful, turbocharged engines and a carefully-honed, well-balanced chassis make for a very different and more relaxed experience than that offered by, say, a rear-wheel-drive 3-Series

The 180bhp TTiD engine is, in many ways, the most impressive…it is highly refined, with no trace of turbo lag, no clatter and none of the traditional disadvantages of diesels.

Safety and Security:
Saab has always stressed that it designs its cars to survive well in real-life accidents as well as laboratory conditions. This is consistently backed by statistics from all over the world…

Running Costs:
Saab dealers don’t tend to be the cheapest around, but prices for servicing and parts are more affordable than at BMW, Audi and Mercedes franchises. There are also a number of very well-respected independent specialists.

Comfort and Equipment:
General refinement is very good: wind, engine and tyre noise are all well-contained and there are no traces of squeaks, rattles or other annoyances, even in the first new-generation cars off the Trollhattan production line.


hat tip to padam for the link!

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  1. Hey Swade, et al!

    Here’s the latest from the August ’07 issue of Car and Driver magazine I got in the U.S. mail today. On page. 37, “Power Play” – the sub tagline reads: “In the arms race for cool Euro sedans, the 9-3 gears up to hit the 300-hp milestone.” This is a positive teaser review of the MY08 9-3 & some additional future data. I checked their website & this issue is not yet posted online.

    Enjoy the anticipation of how this newly rejuvanated 9-3 line will hit the U.S. market!

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