Back in Oz

Hi all,

I’m back in Oz after spending around 20 of the last 22 hours on planes. I’m in Melbourne for a few days and returning to Hobart on Saturday (gimme a call, Al).

I know there’s a lot of questions in comments about the new car that I drove on Monday. I’ll endeavour to address all of them tomorrow – but let me sum up my test drive once again: the new 180hp TTiD is absolutely brilliant. Regarding the interior, the ride is much, much quieter, which means that the twin exhausts on the TTiD can be heard loud and clear.

It really is a huge step and propels the 9-3 into some true competition with some brands that it may have been lagging.

Anyway, more tomorrow…..


Comment of the day:

Remember this guy? I jokingly posted the photo as a possible spotting of me to prove I actually was in Sweden….

Well, this came in via comments:

Did get a surprise when i got to work. When ppl say i’m famous . 🙂
I’m the guy in the cadillac shirt.

nice pics.

And no thanx dont want a BLS . Prefer my Seville sts 92 😛


You’re welcome, Stefan!!


See ya tomorrow, when ‘normal’ services will resume.

Thanks to Eggs n Grits, too, for keeping some stuff ticking over while I’ve been in the air.

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  1. Nice to hear that you escaped the AA missiles over Kabul. 😉 Enjoy the winter, and be sure to spend some time with Mrs., the dog and the Viggen before returning to blogging.

  2. Congrats on the safe return home matey.

    Look forward to reading more, but your rest is more important at this stage, Make sure you chill out and relax a little now.

    Ciao for now 🙂

  3. 22 hours? Thats about what took me to get home too 🙂 but I was flying a little lower 😉
    On a plane you can get at least a half decent sleep, unlike trying to sleep on a 160cm couch onboard a ferry – after SDCC there no more cabin money 🙂
    On the other hand you are missing a 230+ kph early morning Autobahn chase with a Mustang GT. He seemed somehow puzzled I kept the pace even cutting the distance at 4th with full boost 😀 Anyway after this there was no way to get sleepy again 😉

    Later I found out the rattling I heard in Sweden was by loose bolts on suspension. Now I feel stupid, I haven’t had it fixed and raced on the ring 🙁

    PS. once again sorry for leaving without a word, couldn’t find you after my08 presentation

  4. Nice to hear that you got home alright, especially with the missiles and everything. :E

    Get yourself some well deserved rest, and dont let us information-thirsty saab-nuts stress you out while doing so. 🙂

  5. Swade – I hope you really enjoyed the warm Scandinavian hospitality, punctuality and the sun.

    I was not that lucky as I crash landed my 9-5 Aero on a gravel road on May 30, 2007 en route to Cape Town, South Africa. You see, I made the cardinal error of switching off the traction control whilst driving on gravel at speeds less than 60kph, and paid the ultimate price. Am not hurt, just bewildered and sad seeing my pampered 9-5 belly up. Funny the attachment one ends up having with a Saab. And you managed to experience it in the country of birth. Well, am looking forward to your comments as there a lot you need to answer to. Cheers

  6. Swade: As I said in another comment, you’ve seen the stuff of which sweet dreams are made. Get some sleep and enjoy the dreams!

    Danni: I’m really sorry to hear that. I hope insurance is covering all expenses, and that this will soon be forgotten.

  7. Ted and Pap – thanks guys. Naa – it really is not a nice experience and yes, an XWD 9-3 Aero would come in handy, if it ever comes this side of the world. The General is rather on the slow side when it comes to new Saab products this end. They are rather pushing the Caddy BLS.

    eLSD option – I have learned my lesson. No Saab in my stable would do without it, that is for sure.

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