BSR promotional video

Following is a promotional video for BSR.

I’m strongly considering one of their PPC units when it comes time to chip the Viggen, most likely next year. Richo’s just ordered one for his Viggen and one of the regulars at this site, Turbin, has applied some BSR juice to his SportCombi.

And loves it.

Everyone’s got their tuner of choice and I’m sure those preferences are all for valid reasons.

BSR are certainly making some inroads in the marketing department, however, as this video will demonstrate. Whilst I’ve heard good and less-than-good references for just about every tuner there is, I haven’t seen anything from another tuner themselves that shows off their facilities and product like this one does for BSR.

A good, professional presentation.

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  1. Part of my time, I live in the same town as BSR (and ChipCenter). ;P I do not have one of their upgrades though, cause I’m not that interested in bhp. But I can testify that they do have a very good reputation as a company.

  2. Swade do you know if BSR has a U.S. presence or is this just Europe/Aus? Can you order the technology online and do it yourself or does it have to be installed? Thanks.

  3. The only official US presence is in California ( and the seem to only carry a limited amount of the product … maybe if they get enough enquiries, they’ll expand what they have.

    Really cool unit.

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