Cars I saw today…..

I’m off to Kinnekulle today and then the Festival Dinner this evening. Posting may be light due to this but I’ll see if I can sneak something between the two events.

Here’s just a couple of the cars I saw yesterday. The planned events here are OK, but it’s the unplanned stuff that really gives you a buzz here. It’s just great.


Looks like you’re average red Sonett II…..



….But are they 900 seats?



…..and a 16 valve engine????



Screw you, Top Gear! THIS is the Stig!



Outside the hotel. A Viggen would have looked pretty good in white….



And again….



And yeah, it’s just another day in Sweden. Parked next to a Sonett II in the parking garage….



The sticker on the Sonett window:


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  1. A guy here in bangkok has a ng900 done up to viggen spec, painted white. I can attest that it does look gorgeous. Nice find.

  2. There are quite a few C900 parts in that interior — and the car still bears the ‘V4’ badge — more mods than we thought? ;-{)> (That’s my poor attempt at an emoticon with a moustache and beard.)

  3. Guess Drew’s right. Based on the scratch in the sticker photo, that is #137. Ouch! I would have kept such a rare car original. Got to admit though, it’s a nice job.

  4. My bad. Guess the sticker is on the one in the garage (NAL349E). Beautiful photos at the link. The modified one was apparently a V4—that’s okay with me:-)

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