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The Truth About Cars reviewed the 9-5 Sedan back in April (my rather long retort is here). So why they felt the need to ‘review’ the 9-5 SportCombi just two months later and in doing so more or less ignore the Wagon aspect of the car is beyond me.

This is one of the worst community-provided reviews I’ve ever had the displeasure of having to wallow through. One of the strengths about TTAC is the poison pen of the site’s founder, Robert Farago. I might disagree with him on many things, but no-one can’t doubt his ability.

The problem is, though, that many of the readers-turned-reviewers at TTAC try and emulate him and it frequently leads to 10-15 paragraphs of tortured prose and strained metaphor. I don’t even have the bile necessary to deal with this latest instalment. Needless to say, our reviewer (not Farago in this instance) didn’t like the car.

The assessment of the car as a functional wagon is confined to the following:

While your money buys you a whole load of load-lugging

The rest of the write-up is a load of “watch me, Robert” crapola that’s beneath TTAC’s raison d’être.

Farago will once again say that the floor is open to a right of reply, but I’ve well and truly had my fill of providing that particular part of the interwebs with content. Once was enough.

Whilst it is long in the tooth now, the 9-5 is still a great car to drive with plenty of grunt for the average driver, heaps of comfort, and of course it remains one of the safest cars on the road (see below)


The Detroit International River Days festival, a community event with a whole bunch of GM participation and sponsorship, will be featuring cars from the new Transformers movie. The Aero-X won’t be there, but from something I heard a little while ago, it’s not because the producers wanted it that way.

My mail is that the people behind the movie were keen to get the Aero-X involved but Saab declined as it would involve building a number of new Aero-X’s.

Right decision? Hmmmmm. The exposure would have been great, though the Aero-X has generated plenty of that already and continues to do so wherever it goes.


Another Saab protects it’s owner:


This 9-5 wagon got involved in a head-on after the driver of the Scion in the bushes overcorrected after an overtaking move. The Scion guy was ejected from the car and is currently in critical condition. I’m sure we all hope he’s going to pull through and be OK.

The 48 year old female Saab driver was taken to hospital, treated and released. That’s real-world safety from an old, old car (according to some, at least).

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  1. Not a good way to discover the safety capabilities of any car.

    The Scion is a small car, but it seems to be fairly well-built (Toyota is known for that). However, there is a thread of truth in my humor about the Swade/Hummer debacle: physics is a tough taskmaster. The car with size and the capability to absorb crash impact energy wins. It wins every time.

    Kudos to Saab engineers for making that a priority when designing Saab automobiles.

  2. I’ve read the review on the 9-5 Sportkombi of Truth About Cars and have one word for it: rubbish.

    Granted, when a vehicle lacks on par with its peers or alternatively, when it is behind in terms of the times, then we should acknowledge it. But when someone writes absolute hogwash about a vehicle he has no history or bankable experience of having lived with it for 5 years apart from the usual run down the mill stuff of VAG, DC and BMW are the benchmark because they are made in Germany and Toyota and Honda are almost on par, then I have no reason to read cr…p really. And the problem is that these people are allowed free reign to publish this non-sensical hogwash. Perhaps, it is as the Chinese sage goes: A vacant mind is open to all suggestions – including rubbishing anything Saabish because the rest are on the bandwagon already.

  3. This accident makes a good point for making ESP standard. Accident was caused by “over correcting” and may have been avoided if Scion had ESP.

  4. Ejected from the car, huh?
    Sounds like the Scion driver was another one of those wannabe race car driver kids with no seatbelt. Hopefully he learned his lesson about driving like an idiot, but I doubt it.

  5. That crash sounds scary! The windshield isn’t even broken on the Saab but gotta feel sorry for the guy in the Scion – he should have worn his seatbelt.

    RE 9-5 SportKombi review.

    This guy sounds like he has a bug up his @ss. Im no fan of the ‘updated’ 9-5 styling wise but I hear its a damned good drive! The new 9-5 cant come soon enough and if its looks are anything like the new 9-3, we have a winner!!!!

  6. I recently saw a Saab convertible in an accident near Painesville, Ohio. It’s front end was crumpled while the other car was flipped over on its roof. It would have made a good photo to use as evidence for Saab’s safety.

    But today, I saw two Saab NG900/9-3s along side the highway. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen a Saab pulled over for help.

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