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Via Autoblog, you can now do your own version of TopGear’s Cool Wall.

I’m sure this is a one-time only app. I can’t imagine I’ll ever go back and check it out again, but it’s fun to do that one time. As you rate each car, Clarkson himself pops up with his thoughts as to whether he agrees or disagrees.

FYI, there’s no Saabs there to rate (but the TTiD would be Sub-Zero for mine) and the BMWs are all uncool.

Here’s mine. The Porsche and Aston are sub-zero.



Cars are apparently more expensive than ever to own and run.

I think they’re also better value than ever. When you consider that a Saab 900 cost around the same in pure number terms in the 1980’s as a 9-3 today, then factor in the equipment you get today and the effects of inflation on 1980s numbers, I think we’re doing OK.


Ryan has video footage of the recent IIHS test of the 9-3 Convertible, which you’ll recall was rated as a top safety pick, joining the 9-3 Sport Sedan as a recipient of this award.

I wonder when they’ll be testing the SportCombi?


Some recent Saab pics with a difference at Flickr:


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  1. Rememeber cool does not have to mean good! I think the CC is cool though.

    There are some SAABs on the “real” cool wall and Clarkson rates SAABs as cool (I checked before I bought my car). I would disagree on the TT 9-3 though. Going by the Scott-Thomas test the 9-3 convertible is always cool but estates are NEVER cool no matter how good they are. Like BMWs. Sorry combi fans.

  2. Ah, Wales. That just reminds me of something… 🙂

    Edmund Blackadder:
    Have you ever been to Wales, Baldrick?

    No, but I’ve often thought I’d like to.

    Edmund Blackadder:
    Well don’t, it’s a ghastly place. Huge gangs of tough sinewy men roam the valleys terrifying people with their close harmony singing. You need half a pint of phlegm in your throat just to pronounce the placenames. Never ask for directions in Wales, Baldrick, you’ll be washing spit out of your hair for a fortnight.

  3. I don’t get Jeremy Clarkson. He constantly craps all over American cars just for being American, yet the I’m dead wrong in thinking the Ford GT is uncool, even though it’s ugly and is a piece of junk. I’m curious to know what he thinks of the Corvette.

  4. Clarkson openly admits he called the GT cool because he wanted to get on the witing list to own one. He got rid of it because it was not very good.

  5. Leave the Welsh alone,proud people with a great history and Huge hearts.

    And as we say in Wales (or at least when i was last in the land of my Fathers)

    Hwyl Fawr

  6. Ah, that explains Clarkson’s attitude.

    GTs are so dumb. They’re poorly designed, poorly put together, and have more “driver has a small penis” vibe than a goofy heavily-modified 4th-gen Mustang and a Porsche 911 put together. And they cost 200k.

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