Good Morrrrrrrrning Stockholm!!!

Greetings all,

I woke up pretty early this morning and went for a wander. It was just after 6am and I was hassled by one guy for some beer money. He needed a beer to getover his hangover, he said. At least he was honest. Back home, people would say they needed it for a train fare or something similar. He could go thirsty as far as I was concerned, though I did see him on my return outside Central Station, with a can in his hand.

I was introduced to “the old city” last night, sharing dinner with Par Brandt from Auto Motor and Sport magazine. Par gave me a quick tour around, explaining some of the history of Stockholm as we went. We also had a great chat about cars in general, Saab more specifically, and the general fact that Par’s got one of the best jobs in the world.

This morning I shot some video of the places we visited and I’ll look to edit that and put it together shortly. It really is a beautiful place.

Until then, here’s what I came across with 2 minutes of battery left on the video camera. It’s very short, but the truth doesn’t have to be long-winded, does it?



I’m off to Trollhattan this afternoon. There’s a chance that I may have a Mac there to edit stuff on, which will make life a bucketload easier as this Windows sofware is a pain in the backside.

See you from Trollhattan – soon!!

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  1. Bloody good news from Sydney. 10 minutes ago i drove passed the front of Heartland Saab and they’ve pissed off the Hummer that was blocking the front window and replaced it with a rather nice 9-3 ‘vert.

    Perhaps some bogan bought it…or stole it….lunatic on the loose.

  2. Agreed Wulf. Reserved for Hummers and Caddys, and maybe the odd BMW when no-one’s looking.

    I couldn’t walk the streets of Stockholm, see a Hummer and ignore it, could I?

  3. It is easy to be sucked down by the spiral of negativity, it takes more strength to stay positive. Whenever I see a Hummer, I feel sad for the owner and hope he/she will see the light someday. Maybe I am getting soft at my old age of 40.. Or maybe it’s the whiskey talking this Saturday night 🙂 Wish I was there in Sweden, good luck over there, Swade!

  4. swade! if you are of to the saab museum please have a closer look at the Catherina. i want to see it from every angel and i want to see the interier.

    didnit know about this car until you posted it on TS. now i want to know more.
    imagine a modern day version of this cars design. ive said it before and i say it again do like Fiat did with the 500!

  5. Swade,

    I used to take the Tunnelbana to T-Centralen every morning when I lived in the Stockholm area. Have you been the the Hotorget area yet as well? I’m sure you have been spending some time walking “Drottninggattan as well with all of the shops, correct?

    Don’t you like how clean the train system is there?

  6. Swade,

    Speaking to a friend in Sweden tonight, he say’s you found 1 of 2 hummers in Sweden!!

    Your a magnet for these cars mate, now go find the other one!!

    Enjoy ya trip


  7. Swade,

    Hummer is the slow, overweight member of the family. You shouldn’t make fun. Instead you should tell him not to play in the street and to sit quietly until uncle tow truck can take him home.

  8. thx Eggs!
    but i havent seen it from behind, thats what i want. aswell the inside.

    Al Aero.
    if thats 1 of 2 hummers in sweden. i know where the other one is and who owns it. that ASSHOLE that sold me my MY92 900. never been so royaly screwed as i where then. payd a big overprise for a car in great condition, it was in great shape, but not mechanicaly. i could go on and on about why this man is an asshole but i wont.

    one thing you must try while your in sweden. “Svensk nypotatis och matjesill med gräddfil och gräslök” (new potatoes and pickeld herring with sour cream and chive). thats what probably 80% of the swedes eat on midsummers day. an absolute classic. and dont forget the “nubbe” (snaps) whatever kind of Absolut Vodka you prefere.

  9. Haha, I cought that reference too — nice work there Swade!

    As for the bum, you can always counter that you were about to ask him the same, and demand that he cough up whatever scratch he’s managed to get and give it to you!

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