Happy Midsommar!!

It’s Midsommarafton in Sweden today, June 22, and I hope all the Swedish regulars at this site and all those people I got to know while I was over there have a great holiday.

Just take it easy on the turps and don’t drink and drive, OK?

Have a great day.


Saab Australia traditionally have a Midsommar Sale here in Australia around this time of year. I guess that’s giving way to the current Anniversary sale.

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  1. Must be similar to the ‘Summer Solstice’ we are now enjoying here in the USA. Love all the daylight – wish it was like this all year round.

    I wonder when GM will start the “Saab Summer Sale” here – according to data from Autmotive News – Saab sales are down for ’07 with the 9-3 down about 12% from last year at this time.

    That SportCombi would look great in my garage, so hopefully our local dealer has some information on this.

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