I’m just mad about Saffron…..

….but this ain’t no mellow yellow:


I heard yesterday that there’s going to be a new color for the convertible announced in the spring. This was from a North American source and 100% bullet proof.

We’ve heard just now from Bengt in comments that a new color called Saffron Yellow is coming, and I’d take a wild stab and say that the cars Peter S saw in Austria over the weekend are the first sightings of this color.

The last remaining question is: Is this the new color that the North American source was talking about?

*cue sound effect: tense strings*

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  1. Just the vert? That sucks. It bothers me that they can’t offer every color option on every car style. I mean, it bothers me with all makes, not just Saab. I can’t imagine a manufacturing nuance that could affect which color the car could be painted, so it’s obviously a concious decision by someone to piss off people who want bright yellow sedans or wagons, or people who want pepper green verts.

    That being said, that’s a kickass shade of yellow. It looks great.

  2. Why should plp pay extra for a top-of-the-line model if you could get the same thing on a cheaper one? This is common standard in all marketing…

    I know the photos are not that great in terms of quality, but I don’t like the colour. Looks really cheap and “plastic”, like an small boat on wheels. Looks like the same colour I see on many small Seat.

  3. Because the top of the line model is a convertible.

    I can understand only making certain color options available if you get a higher trim package, but if you’re getting an entirely different variant of the car, I don’t see why some colors should be off-limits on equal trim levels.

  4. I understand what you mean, but this is just how companies do it. They wouldn’t do it if they didn’t know it moved customers around in the “right” direction. It’s all positioning models inside the brand and creating a feeling. I one start to think about it with logic it’s easy to get pissed of with things lika that, but customer behaviour is seldom logic… 🙂

  5. So far im not in love with this color, its not very scandinavian. What i mean by that is its not a “cool” color, like the new white, the ice blue, steel greys, etc.. its bright, and bananey.. but either way, lets see what happens.

  6. Just saw in the news that Peugeot released a special version of the 207 CC, the Roland Garros. 207 CC is the small very popular hardtop convertible. The colour? Yellow…

  7. Saffron???

    What next? Forget the whole Bio-Power thing, Flower-Power is back, or will it be powered by love and good will towards others?

    Look out for the Aero-Krishna model, trees really do hug it as it goes past (kudos to Clarkson for that one).

  8. The color is wicked and i like the fact that it has the ordinary door handles, on the new ss you’ve seen around town, the Cadillac handles sticks out way to far, not good looking at all! but hell you get used to it

  9. Yellow not Scandinavian? What’s that big yellow cross in the Swedish flag? The yellow convertibles should have a blue leather interior……..


  10. The mumblings I’ve heard are that yes, it will be called Saffron Yellow, and it will also be a metallic yellow, not a flat yellow. This should sparkle in the sunlight 🙂 🙂

    I’m going to take a couple of pics of my current Lime Yellow ‘vert shortly, when the weather improves here. We’ve had almost constant rain for three days now :(.

    Although this new Saffron Yellow is rather awesome, methinks it will not dissuade me from choosing snow silver next. I think Snow Silver has the potential to be the best colour ever created by man 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. The Saffron Yellow will not be metallic and the Snow Silver will be a much brighter and sharper silver. The Silver is a free flow color option on all models save for 9-7X…the Yellow will certainly be a more limited availabilty on the convert just like back in 99 and 2000 when the Monte Carlo Yellow was out.

  12. Jeff: you can have every color you want as long its green!

    ha ha good thing they have more than one choice nowdays. but i like the idea of having special colors for special models. i would absolutly love it if the Black Turbo had a flat black finnish.

  13. Patric, my source was fairly sure about the saffron yellow being a metallic, but he was short of confirming.

    Is the Snow Silver not the colour that was on the Aero X concept then?

  14. Naphalm: Matte black is pretty much the most evil color around. Especially with gloss black trims. It just sounds evil: black with black trim.

    I never liked silver on any cars…I always thought it looked cheap and plasticky no matter what the car looks like.

  15. Thanks for the email Swade.

    I’ve just sent you some pics I took at the British Motorshow when the Aero X was there. Also one of the 9-3 Biopower Concept. These show how the Snow Silver colour I think will look.

    Not everyone has seen the Aero X up close and personal, so the colour will hopefully be a surprise for them 🙂 I’ve also sent you an image of the Honda Civic Type R concept which also has the same metallic colour as the Aero X and 9-3 concept, it just shows up better on that pic as their lighting was a little more subtle.

  16. @Jeff: it bothers you with all makes?

    At least Volkswagen delivers (on request) any model in any color that is available for any other model.
    A colleague of mine ordered a “Golf-red” Passat and it worked out!


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