Is a Saab for you?

If you’re after the epitome of refined driving, whatever that is, then maybe a Saab isn’t for you. Maybe you should try a Lexus.

If you’re after supreme roadholding in high speed corners, then maybe a Saab isn’t for you. I hear BMW do that stuff quite well.

If you’re not sure whether you want a performance car or a luxury car, then every Audi ever made is just like you.

If you’re looking for an engine that screams at high revs, ‘cuase you like that sort of thing, a Saab probably isn’t for you. You should probably check out a performance Honda.

If you want gadgets that tell you what all your other gadgets are doing, Saab probably isn’t for you either.

If you want rock solid reliability and the soul of a car doesn’t matter to you, forget Saab. Maybe you should shop for a Toyota.

If you want butterflies to kiss you and fish to jump on your hook in thanks for you apparent environmental goodness, then maybe a Prius is what you’re after. Maybe.

If you want people to openly admire how well you’ve done for yourself then a Saab definitely isn’t for you. I can point you towards a couple of Mercedes dealers.

If you’re having a mid-life crisis then a red MX-5 is just around the corner.

If the only real engine in your mind is a V8, mate, then your local Ford or Holden dealership is the place to go.

But if you love driving and have a history of forming links and attachments with the cars you own and the people that make them, then maybe a Saab might suit you.

But if you’re after a car made by a company with a history of innovation, perhaps a Saab’s worth considering.

If you like the rush of a turbocharger and find torque steer to be somewhat interesting, then it’s quite likely that a Saab’s for you.

If you want the best seats in the business….

….and fantastic cabin ergonomics….

….if you love the idea of V6 performance from a four cylinder engine…

….and the possibility to uprate it even higher….

….then maybe you should be looking at a Saab.

If you want innovations that make sense, like headlamps wired into the ignition, a dash that can be de-luminated at night except for the information you need and heated seats, for example, then perhaps a Saab is what you’re looking for.

If you enjoy owning a brand of car that has a big and enthusiastic ownership base that you can connect with, then a Saab should definitely be on your list.

If you can look at this picture and know exactly what it means, then maybe a Saab is for you.

If you like the smell of two-stroke, perhaps a Saab might suit you.

If you want to be able to carry recliner chairs, washing machines, motorcycles, large amounts of musical equipment, or whatever else in your own car and not have them delivered, an older Saab hatch would be perfect for you.

If you like the idea of owning a sleeper, then a Saab could be what you’re looking for.

If you like the fact that you don’t see your own car on the road every 10 2 minutes, well….

And if you like the idea of driving what’s proven to be one of the safest cars in the world in both crash test and real world environments, maybe a Saab is what you’re after.

Most of all, if you want all these attributes – safety, comfort, performance, fun, responsibility, utility, innovation, history, anonymity and exclusivity – all in the one car…..

…..then maybe a Saab is for you.

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  1. Well said, may I add:

    Lots of people just don’t seem to ‘get it’ when it comes to Saabs. If you don’t mind OR even sort of like that, then you’re infected.

    There is no known cure to Saabism.

  2. ….If you want to be able to carry recliner chairs, washing machines, motorcycles, large amounts of musical equipment, or whatever else in your own car and not have them delivered, an older Saab hatch would be perfect for you…..

    Or a 9-5 wagon

  3. If you like pickled herring, a Saab might be for you. :p

    If, when passing a new BMW on the road, your first thought is not “successful”, but “wanker”, a Saab is definitely for you.

  4. You’re all nuts, but i like it.

    Swade, SAAB don’t have you on the payroll do they? SAAB Aust should hire you as a consultant for their promos.

  5. jeff I have to say I dont think of my wife as a wanker. I think your attitude says more about you than her car says about her 🙂

    I think if you can respect other road users and not worry about what anyone else drives/thinks than SAAB is for you!

  6. I don´t know exactlly why it is like this, but you get out of a SAAB and you´re smiling. Not to show others that you like your car but for yourself. That´s important and not to compete with cars you can´t reach with most of the specifications. I drove quite a lot of different cars (not my own) but never had that in any other car. (ok, I´ve never been in a Bentley Cont. Gt or something like that). Maybe it´s just that feeling that the Griffin on your hood protects you or just that certain mixture of little things that SAAB owners like. I know a few and all togehter dont´t want to show off and like individuality. SAAB is a little like a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

  7. This morning my wife asked me why I didn’t take my 9-5 to a quick lube to do oil changes. “Just as cheap as doing it yourself and saves time” she said. The look of horror filled my face as I replied “But it’s my Saab.” That’s why she drives a toyota.

  8. Troy, kind of like me. I was washing my 04 9-3, getting it ready to drop off at the dealer for handbrake replacement, and she said “Don’t you know, they’ll wash it for you?” And I’m thinking, “What, let them have the fun? No way.” Plus, they need to know I respect my Saab. She just doesn’t get it.

  9. Jeff, perfect timing for this article (good reading):
    “I have decided, with reluctance, that Saabs are much like that other Scandinavian delicacy, pickled herrings. There are some, like me, who can’t get enough of them, who thrill to the discovery of some novel marinade or who find themselves on a quest to see them drenched in the ultimate dressing. That’s the herrings, not the Saabs. And there are others for whom the very sight and smell of one is enough to make them feel just a little queasy. That’s the Saabs, not the herrings, by the way.
    Being a bit of a Scandophile, I’ve often reflected on how it might be that Saab, as well as the processed fish industry, could win new friends and customers, and recruit to its fold those who might become as hysterically enthusiastic as existing fans.”

  10. Ted: I read that article, that’s why I said that :p

    Jon: I was just joking about the BMW thing, I know a lot of people buy BMW’s because they’re great cars (even if the newer ones are overpriced and overdeveloped and ugly as hell), but many people buy them as a status symbol…because they’re wankers who like everyone to know how much money they have. Your wife probably (hopefully :p) falls into the first category. Though, I definitely notice what everyone else on the road is driving, because I like looking at cars. I have interests beyond Saab :p. A pristine ’68 Camaro or C3 Corvette or even a Jeep Wrangler on the road around me will make me smile almost as much as seeing another Saab.

  11. Is it bad that most of the pro-Saab reasons you list are the same ones I use to rationalize my love for MINI?

    They may not seem entirely similar, but in my mind the Saab is the left-brain choice, while the MINI is the right-brain choice.

  12. No, I didn’t mean I smile at every car I see, that would be annoying. I get happy when I see cars I like. American muscle, any Saab, Jeep Wranglers, Ferraris, Porsches, big redneck pickup trucks, on and on. I have very eclectic taste when it comes to cars. Hummers aren’t in there, though (odd how Hummers aren’t but big redneck pickups are).

  13. Jeff, your are right, she is in the 1st category. She just bought it to show ME how sucessful she was…

    To be honest I talked her into it. My scheme was to get her to buy a 130i MSport as I fancied the idea of a RWD (very)hot hatch that I could steal, I mean use, at weekends and I miss the 6 cylinder growl from my Jag. It all went wrong somewhere in the showroom.

  14. Hi my MY 1999 9-3SE with ‘only’problemless 137000km makes me SMILE everyday 365days a year !
    Unbelievable what I can get into the car thanks to the hatchback!
    I wonder why SAAB went away from the ‘successful’ hatchback models 9-3 sportsedan and 9-5 Who can explain this?
    My first hatchback was a Toyota Corona SF ,my first Saab a 9000talladega and now this one.
    When you got used to this big door behind you,you don’t want another design.
    And I definetely don’t want to drive a Saab which resembles a Honda Accord or a BMW .
    I know from my own experience how safe this car is . I got out of the frontal accident without injuries. I feel safe in my Saab in case of an earthquake which are frequent here.
    The only problem is the bad after-service and the high cost of parts (at the dealer).

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