It’s 2 weeks already????

Many thanks to Joe for sending me this picture. Unfortunately Joe was behind the camera so he isn’t in the pic. This was taken on the last night of the Saab Festival, June 10, 2007 and was a great finish to a brilliant week in Trollhattan.

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks already. Except for the freezing cold here in Hobart, my mind feels like it’s still there a lot of the time.


That’s Robin, Brendan, Johanna, Tim, Rickard, Some grumpy old bugger, and Phil. Joe’s taking the picture.

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  1. Brendan got home yesterday morning back to Sydney and the trooper came on a club drive as my passenger in the 6er almost straight from the airport. It was funny to see him trying to press a brake pedal that wasn’t there in the passenger footwell as i was fanging it around the bends. We were yakking about Sweden most of the way, his trip-and yours-sounded superb, i was quite jealous.

  2. yes, that one runs in the family, his sister (my wife) Kerry also leaves her crust. You can see Joe was vert hungry, all gone, nearly ordered another one.

  3. Swade, you had the top down on your ‘vert for too long. That sunburn looks painful but I assumed you didnt notice as you were probably having too much fun at the time!

  4. Whilst I did get sunburned the day before at Kinnekulle, I also have a skin condition that makes my forehead look red anyway. You should see it right now, looks 10 times worse than that.

    I think I still had 3/4 of my pizza left when Joe finished his. Man he was hungry!

    What a great day.

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