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Things have been slow here as I’ve spent this evening (it’s 11.40pm as I write this) editing and compressing a 20 minute video that I shot at the Saab museum during my visit there. It’s fairly monotone, but hopefully some of you will find it interesting to look through around 90% of the cars they had on display there.

Keep in mind, as you do watch it, that just about all of the vehicles there are in working order, something you’ll see on the video of Kinnekulle (when I get around to that one).

I’ll upload it to Google Video tomorrow night as it’s 129mb and I can’t stay up for too much longer.


There’s been a few more reviews come in:

The Irish Times has a good read on the new 9-3 range, the TTiD and BioPower vehicles in particular.

Saab has had something of a strange relationship with parent company GM over the last few years. You could think of them as being like a forgotten Christmas toy, that for a long time sat in the corner, but all of a sudden it has been realised that there might be some use in that abandoned gift and it is being treated like gold. With so much pressure on manufacturers to meet their emissions targets and with Saab already having a line-up of low-capacity turbocharged engines that now run on biofuel, the Saab story might just have a happy ending after all.

“….like gold” might be a little optimistic, but I have to agree that things are looking up.

The Irish are renowned storytellers and this article’s no exception. New 9-5 dislikers will particularly like the botox bit, but humour aside it places the new model 9-3 pretty well.

Auto Express also have their first drive report publish and similar to what we may see from several other publishing houses, they like the car but pooh pooh it for it’s lack of being German.

Those of you who think I’m being pedantic should consider this:

Saab has improved the 9-3’s refinement overall, but while the car has very little wind noise at speed, we still noticed a slight engine vibration through the pedals.

Seriously, you’ve got to really be looking for something to fault if you write that, haven’t you?

Again, it’s another primarily favourable piece that’s rubbed me the wrong way due to stuff like that.


If I may, allow me to post a reminder about the Saab Design T-Shirt Shops, where you can pick up goodies like those shown below, as well as the various Trollhattan Saab T-shirts.

The European shop is here.

The US and Asia shop is here.

SD9-3shirt.jpg SD900front.jpg

SDgrippolo.jpg SDGripshirt.jpg

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  1. Wouldn’t worry too much about Auto Express to be honest, they are tabloid at best, smut at worst in my opinion.

    Autocar and Top Gear tend to be much more accurate in their vehicle write ups.

  2. Autocar magazine have just reviewed the 9-3 XWD, and they seem quite excited “…the XWD cornered hard and flat, gripped like a limpet and could easily deploy all its 280-bhp and 295lb ft. We look forward to getting XWD on the open road” In summary they say “Advanced four-wheel drive system takes 9-3’s handling to a new level. It’s fast too” The only negative they could find at this point is that it is likely to cost over £30,000. This still seems a bargain compared to similar performing Audi, BM’s and Mercedes.

  3. Cerulean,
    I take it that when a vehicle grips ‘like a limpet’ that is a good thing? (not sure I’d like to be described as gripping like a limpet, but maybe that’s just me…) 🙂

  4. Swade,

    Maybe when the next 9-3 will please them as it will be built in Germany? It may not please US but……

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