More 9-4x and some 9-5 Snippets

Inside Line’s Karl Brauer had the privelege of sitting down with some Saab people over lunch the other day and was shown some pictures of the coming 9-4x AND the coming 9-5.

How do things like this happen?? Where’s my pics?

Anyway, Karl liked what he saw:

I saw pictures of the 9-4x and redesigned 9-5, and both look promising (there are definite elements from the Aero X concept car). The 9-4x has obvious Saab lines (which isn’t a bad thing), but the 9-5 has a striking design. Very interesting proportions and lines that give it a distinctive-yet-classy appearance. Saab has put plenty of energy into designing a compelling corporate face, and I think they’ve succeeded. The lighting elements (I’m talking exterior here) are particularly intriguing.

Sounds good, no?

I’ve also recently had a little correspondence with someone else who has seen a picture of the 9-4x and they referred me to this image from the front cover of Tekniken’s Varld a few months ago, saying it was a pretty accurate portrayal of how the 9-4x might look:

Earlier this year I made mention of a Saab dealer conference that’s going to take place in a few months time, gearing up for the 2008 model year. I’ll bet you my house, my dog AND my Viggen that dealers get to see a 9-4x in the metal at this gathering.

Should be interesting. And we’ll all get to see it properly next year (at the latest).

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  1. Swade,

    did we ever find out if there is any , even slight, prospect that the 9-4x might have that elusive 3rd row of seats??? I would love to replace my wife’s current Vauxhall (Opel) Zafira with a Saab πŸ˜‰

  2. Take to the bank the styling of the 9-4X as that of the white vehicle on the cover of that magazine. Save for the lower foglights are duplicates to the Aero X and the headlights are larger.

  3. Swade,

    Leave your dog out of this!!

    I hope the 9-4X takes on the face of the 08 9-3 as Saab nailed it with that new front end. Whatever happened to that fabulous 9-1 we saw a few months back!?

    zippy πŸ™‚

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