More 9-3 photos….sort of

I’m not normally given to publishing photos with my own likeness in them. It’s not a particularly photogenic mug, after all. But these were sent to me by the guy with one of the best jobs in the world, Auto Motor and Sport’s Par Brandt. He’s moved on from the 9-3 test we did last week and is now off covering Le Mans. Tough work, but someone’s got to do it.


This is how a Saab blogger looks when he’s hooking up his camera mount in a new car….


…..And in the car, camera in place and ready to go.


You, too, can feel this happy after a ride in an XWD 9-3:


Later on we took some shots of the 9-3 TTiD SportCombi, which I’m guessing are for use in a future edition of AM&S. This was heaps of fun. Fredrik was driving the 07 model they’d got for the day with Par hanging out the window, camera in hand. We all had to keep an eye out for oncoming traffic as Fredrik was on the wrong side of the road.

Stu: this is how we do it….


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  1. I love these pictures, you can read your thoughts. 1st one says, “This I know how to do”, 2nd one says “I’m excited but nervous” and the 3rd one says “I’m full of happiness and appreciation to you all at Saab”

  2. swade, I am glad to see that you have realy enjoyed yourself and that you have had a great time, including seeing a bit of sweden.

    The picture, to me, show that you have enjoyed it alot, almost like a kid in a toy factory…

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