More of Tim’s 9-3

I featured a few shots of Tim’s 9-3 the other day, but there was some stuff I couldn’t show as we either didn’t get photos of it, or the light was too bad, or my battery ran out, or whatever the heck it was.

Anyway, here’s a few more. I know there’s great modified Saabs in countries all over the world, but this trip has convinced me that nobody modifies their Saabs on a more prolific scale than the Swedes. There’s more body mods here right now than in Beverly Hills. And don’t get me started on engines.

This one’s got both, and it’s very, very well done. I make mistakes identifying cars all the time (this trip really has taught me how much I’ve got to learn about Saab) and I did it once again last Monday night when we caught up with Tim and Johanna. They was no way on earth I would have called their two cars anything but Viggens, and that was after looking at them and riding in them.

Both of their cars started life as basic 9-3s – a blank canvas from which to create a Viggen in every way except for the 2.0 engine instead of the 2.3 (which Tim’s built up to Viggen-plus proportions anyway). There’s a couple of extra special things in this. Firstly, it’s quite a personalised car, as modified cars usually are. But there’s some genuine Saab in these modifications. The upper door trims where the door handles are were a prototype that Saab tried and discarded (why?). The dash in Johanna’s car is incredibly rare (I wish we could take pictures that could do it justice) and the great thing for both of them is that 3-door 9-3s are very, very rare here in Sweden.

These pics are of Tim’s car only. Enjoy the car. I know I did.











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  1. He’s got the same nokia as i do!!! Except his is the euro version with the camera lens on the front too for video conversations and what not…

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