MY08 Saab 9-3 Launch Video

Michael has dropped a link in comments for a great little movie Saab have put together for the launch of the new Saab 9-3 on June 10 at the Saab Festival.

It opens up with some early morning sunrise shots, moves through the festival unveiling and then has some design notes from Simon Padian, Saab’s Brand Design Chief.


It’s well worth a look, so get clicking at the link above.


It’s funny, but those sunrise shots look more like Trollhattan at around 3.00am. I was looking out my window and seeing that much light right before I went to bed during the festival. The sun would dip below the horizon around 10.30pm and come back up again just before 3am.

And the set Simon Padian is speaking from looks exactly like the facility where the press launches are being held right now.

It really was an inspiring setting.

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  1. Off topic – but my wife and I decided not to do the European Delivery program until the MY08 came out.

    But we still have a vacation trip booked to Sweden anyways. Do people here recommend going to the Saab factory anyways?

    I will be in Lidkoping – Google says it’s about an hour and/or 60 km.

  2. Well, why not? There is the museum and you can buy some nice stuff. 🙂 If you tell them you know Swade, maybe you get VIP treatment. 🙂

  3. According to ‘Automotive News’,: ‘Audi aims to sell 3000 cars in India by 2010’.
    The $30,000 question is , ‘How much is Saab aiming to sell’?

  4. joemama, I fully recomend the factory trip, I took the tour last October and it was great. It is always best to get a booking before you travel. It will be worth the hours drive.

  5. Ditto from me, Joe. It’s well worth visiting Trollhattan, which is a beautiful little city and then doing the factory and the Museum. There’s plenty of other stuff to see around there as well, such as the locks and they might even do a water release while you’re there (I miseed that, but it’s supposed to be quite a sight).

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