MY08 Saab 9-3 – Swedish Pricelist

Djup Strupe has been prowing around once again and he found this discarded in a dustbin outside Butlers, a pub and restaurant here in Trollhattan (I love being able to make local references).

Of course, this may or may not mean much to your market if you’re outside Sweden, but if you are a Swede thinking of life with MY08 Saab 9-3, then here are the prices for the Sedan and SportCombi.

Start your saving!!


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  1. Wow, now that’s some Djup Strupery!

    So, did you find a set of keys to a new 9-3 in the trash bin, too? If you did, it’s mine. I dropped them close to that place where you were in Trollhattan.

  2. Unless I’m doing something completely wrong, those prices are pretty insane when converted to USD.

    For the 2.0 Aero (petrol) Sedan/Saloon, it’s $48,202 USD, and for the SportCombi version of the same, it’s $49,346 USD.

    What am I missing here, the announcement about the 24-k gold plated interior?


  3. Fo those living in UK based on thoses prices we should expect a £400 price increase across the board from 07-08MY.

    As for the 180hp TiTD you can have a guess at the prices being no more than £1,500 more than the current 150hp varient.

  4. Jim, I can understand you are surprised at the SEK prices.

    I grew up in Sweden but live in the US now. There are a few factors at work here:
    – As mentioned above, Swedish VAT (sales tax) is 25%.
    – Cars in the US are dirt cheap compared to Europe, probably due to ferocious competition. You’ll find the same differences on Volvo, BMW and so forth. To top it off, lease rates are much better.

    To add to the skew, prices for most capital goods are lower in the US. Also, average incomes are much higher after tax. Disposable income in terms of buying power is in a different class entirely.

    The poor Swedes also have to deal with “förmånsvärde”, roughly translated as “advantage value”. You can see it in the posted price list. It refers to the tax value if the car is a company car. In the interest of a level playing field (tongue firmly in cheek here), the Swedish tax man will take more money the more exclusive your company car is. Meaning if you get a car as a perk of your job, you will be taxed on it at a truly horrendous rate. Just so it’s fair for all those who don’t have a company car.

    I would imagine prices for the -08 will be around the same as those for the -07. Just as long as we can get that nice GMAC lease, we will look at the Aero Convertible to replace our Aero Sport Sedan. Does anyone know if the Conv will have XWD?

  5. The wait is killing me to find out the exact pricing for the US. I am hoping to be a First time Saab owner (fanatic), but just want to know how much so I can budget and put my order in asap.

  6. Kaylan Marie. A I said I imagine prices will be similar to today for two reasons:
    – The competition has not changed.
    – The perceived “upscaleness” level of a SAAB in the mind of the buyers has not changed. That is, just because the -08 line comes will not make SAAB more prestigious.

    A possible exception could be the 280hp Aero, which might cost a touch more. Then again, it could just be seen as an upgrade to line up with the rest of the market.

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