New Site Development

As mentioned earlier, I’m going to spend a fair bit of this weekend developing a new site for Trollhattan Saab, so entries will be light as a result.

The new site is on a subdomain at the moment and you can check out the progress by clicking here.

As the post at the top suggests, your input is more than welcome!


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  1. Looks good. I like the idea to have ads and links on only one side of the editorials. I also like to better visual separation between links and ads.

    Note: in Safari, the test site has no margin at all the left side.

  2. Bigger text easier to read. Larger advertising means more scrolling…
    nicer header for easier searching. Score A

  3. I was looking for an old photo at this site, and couldn’t find it. It’s was from someone in England, a 9-3 SS parked outside an big old WWII structure. As a was looking, I was amazed about the number of really beautiful photos here (not only the SOTW photos). It sure would be cool to have a photo section with basically all the published photos (organaized by month) as thumbnails so one easy can scan them.

    BTW, I also stumbled upon this item:

    9 Saaby thing I want for 2007

    Well, it’s half time now. How is it going, Swade? 🙂

  4. I’ll investigate the photo thing, but there are SO many of them it’ll probably kill my bandwidth.

    An advanced search on Google Images does wonders though….

    ctm, I think I’ve done OK on that list.

    1) Fix my front shocks – done

    2) 10 movies – They haven’t been the car movies I’d thought of (like the Maptun 9-5 one) but I think i’ve done 10 at least so far this year.

    3) More news direct – BioPower and Diesel in January, Saab Festival and new 9-3 in June. Booyaah!

    4) A killer 9-3 refresh – done.

    5) Increased sales in Germany – I haven’t been keeping track of these, but I’d be surprised if we had any joy here (so far)

    6) Some sneaky-peeks at the 9-4x – No real images yet, but we’ve got a few vlues lately. The year’s not over yet and I’m confident on this one.

    7) Something more on the Hybrid – I’d be surprised if we heard any more on this one.

    8) A pair of great enthusiast’s events – I predicted I’d only get to one, and I did. It’s just that it wasn’t the one I thought 😉

    9) The product. Always the product. – I’m certainly enjoying mine!

    That’s not too bad for six months in. And this should be a post on its own, I think.

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