Pepper Green Metallic

The new 9-3 is apparently live on the Saab global website. Will link shortly.

Here’s the new Pepper Green Metallic. Thanks CAM.




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  1. YUCK, where did their asthetic color qualities go!!!

    Those wheels (or are they wheel covers) don’t look so hot, either…

  2. now that makes my 2006 Aero look like a beauty in comparison.

    How could they screw something up so bad JUST by changing the door handles and the rub strip ??

  3. Swade posted a photo of my 9-5 wagon with the heading “Wheels make the car” or something like that as i’d changed from the Linear wheels to the Aeros and the improvement in the looks department was huge. The above proves it can work the other way. I like the colour, the 9-3 looks great but those wheels are truly awful and spoil the whole look of the car. They look like old fashioned dustbin lids

  4. LOL! I love it. Then again, I’m the guy who liked Dolphin Gray.

    I have a question: exactly what “pepper” is this color? Definitely not a bell pepper. Maybe a jalapeno? I think this color should be called “Olive Drab”.

    Come on people, open your minds. Expand your horizons. The SAAB color palette has been so incredibly BORING of late. Yes, every car looks nice in black and shades of silver or gray. But that’s BLEAK. Now that they dropped one of the more eye-popping colors (Chili Red) it’s nice to see them fill with an unusual color. I also like that Lime Yellow on the ‘verts. I’m weird. 😉

    Remember the scene in The Matrix where Neo is in the training program on a crowded city street where everyone walking around was wearing black and gray suits and then the “woman in red” shows up and stands out? That’s what we need with SAAB sometimes. “Understated” is one thing, “boring” is another.

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