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  1. Swade,
    Turn the round light dial one to the left (or right in LHD cars)…so your loaner car chimes when you exit after taking the key out…I use these during the day to save the Xenon’s for night and extend life and save money! Or adaptive cornering from Opal/Vaxhall.
    Nice colour what is this…Smoke beige or a new Metallic Hazelnut?

  2. ctm, you mean the Hummer that our Swade seems to have taken a shining to?

    If Swade is in ‘Hummer-mode’ then who, pretell, is reporting all this stuff from Trollhattan? Maybe we are just being brainwashed (not too much of THAT going on as we all seem to like what we see 9-3wise!) by an employee of Saab so I think we need to see a picture of Swade in Trollhattan to prove us wrong.

    The colour looks like a smoky silver colour to me.

    Swade, if you see a metallic white coloured 9-3 post it here – please!


    zippy 🙂

  3. i’m sure they look fantastic on, along with the light “bar,” also at the top of the light cluster. thx for the pic.

  4. I second Zippys call for a pic of Snow Silver if you can get it.

    Is it the same as the Aero X? Have you indeed seen one yet? Or have you had the chance to ask anyone regarding it?

    Enjoying reading about your trip, great stuff!!

  5. I think these LED`s are the reverse light`s. They light up the sides when you drive backward. like on all other Saab`s 900,9-3,9-5

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