Richo Warhol Viggen

This is Richo playing around with some color and me playing around with a layout.

Just for fun.


I wrote about Richo’s servicing woes the other day, and things have just got worse since.

First up, the steering rack brace he (and I) got was incomplete, which is now being taken care of. Next, the BOV he had recommended to him doesn’t fit. And to top it all off, his Viggen’s just been diagnosed with the notorious RHD firewall tear.

Well, things can only get better, I guess.

The firewall is a known issue and can be fixed by Saab Oz. The Abbott part should arrive soon and I guess he’ll take care of the BOV thing in quick time.

Always sad to see a sick Viggen.

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  1. Nice colours!

    Richo, I had the fire wall issue in my 9-3, if you need the contact that i delt with directly at Saab let me know. he was most helpful in jumping me to the head of the 6 week que for getting the issue repaired.

    What bypass valve are you having issue’s with? i have the forge one and it fits a treat


  2. I got a TurboSmart 50% plumbback 50% atmosphere BOV.

    I’m told it stalls the car and the Forge is the only one that the Viggen can take.

    I’m now thinking Tomato Soup….

  3. Yep.Richo,You can’t have a BOV venting to atmos on a Trionic saab.
    That air that is blown off was measured going into the engine,and is now not accounted for.Trionic doesn’t like it one bit.

  4. Richo should take a look at and get in touch with – in fact, the more people with this issue that get together and share info, the better.

    saabologist said: “Yep.Richo,You can’t have a BOV venting to atmos on a Trionic saab.”

    Not strictly accurate. It is only Trionic 5 that can use atmospheric dumpvalves. Trionic 7 and Trionic 8 can not use them.

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