Robert Collin covers the 9-3

Thanks to ctm, notice is in of Aftonbladet’s review of the 2008 Saab 9-3.

Robert Collin, the Aftonbladet car guy, is a Volvo fan as far as Swedish cars are concerned. And the latest bee in his bonnet is E85, which he doesn’t see so much value in for whatever reason.

So with him being a non-Saabisti and a non-fan of E85, I was sort of bracing myself for this review.

No need.

This is the best I can make out from my dodgy internet translator, but you’ll get the picture.


At last – Saab has found home

The anonymous 9-3 becomes indecent and fast

Saab 9-3 has become more Saab-like.

– A new front takes Saab out from anonymity.

– New 200hp ethanol engine

– A new 180hp diesel both frugal and fast.

But very good news is perhaps that the four wheel operation at last is on road. With the latest generation Haldex that is better than anything earlier. Now, the batch wheels run still better which does the journey safer, but also more desire fulfilled – and fast. On all bases….

….What is the as is new then? The front is entirelily new with features of the smooth Aero-X concept and old Saab 900.

I’ll leave it there as the Swedes reading this are probably laughing at my attempts to tidy up the translation.

The good news is that the review’s all positive. The only things Collin seems to get a bit negative are the mileage on ethanol (his soapbox), the loss of the rub-strips down the side of the car and the fact that the car took so long to get so good and now there’s an all-new model coming in the next few years.

I think the translator’s good enough to get across the last bit:

But the choir properties*, the engines, the comfort factor and the feeling consults to the best in the class.

Not too bad for a bloke that’s not a Saab fan.

I’ll keep saying it. This new 2008 9-3 is one heck of a good car.

And for those who were wondering about what the light pipes look like in the dark, the article also has this image, which should help a little…



I’m oretty sure that not meant to be ‘choir properties’ but that’s how both translators I tried spat it out. The Swedish word was köregenskaperna. Quietness, perhaps?

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  1. Thanks gents.

    I’m doing a re-development of the site and I think a Swedish/English translation page could be a good idea as part of that.

  2. Here are a lot of Swedes reading so we can probably help you with translations…

    I can help if someone helps me correct my english…

  3. I’ve been studying Swedish for several years now, “på egen hand!”
    The car-related-word I like most is KÖRKÄNSLA.

  4. The light feature is pretty cool … I hadn’t really thought much about it until the other night when I happened upon a Aston Martin Vantage in traffic a few days ago. The AM has a LED feature that is not as well handled (along the interieor eges of the light lenses, nearest the bonnet) it isn’t a consistent beam, but several clusters of LEDs … but in a rear-view mirror (at around dusk) it had the impact of giving the car a very TOOTHY appearance (maybe tusks?)

    Seriously, it did happen, and I did PASS the AM … in my Saab! (Of course, he was kinda just cruising the beach, and I had somewhere to be … so it wasn’t like he was even trying!)

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