Saab 60th CD

I haven’t seen any of these around here. Maybe it’s just a Saab France thing, but this popped up on my RSS feed today:


The guy who’s posted it must know one of the artists appearing on the CD, I’d guess.

Might be interesting. I’ll keep an eye out.


In other anniversary news, I heard last night that when they released the NG900 here in Trollhattan back in the 1990s it was quite a big affair. The car popped up on a special platform on the back of a presentation truck. Everyone who came out to look was rewarded with some specially made ice cream (which was reportedly quite delicious) and a piece of an 800 meter long sandwhich!!

There were also murmurs that the ice cream could be making a comeback this year. I hope so.

Mmmmmmm. Ice Cream.

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  1. Yet another reason Saab is awesome. What other automaker gives its fans delicious ice cream and a giant sand-a-wich at a launch? I have no idea, but probably none.

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