Saab 9-3 Launch Video 1

It seems there really is no quick way to cut and upload these videos. I’m editing here in Melbourne but further posting of video will have to wait until I get back to Hobart as I don’t want to overload my Sister’s internet connection, nor suck up her bandwidth.

This video shows you exactly what the assembled media saw at the start of the launch event for the new 2008 Saab 9-3. I was fortunate to attend day 1 of the 3-week event and it certainly was an impressive display, overshadowed only by the actual driving we got to do in the TTiD and the new XWD version of the car.

The venue was a former underground aircraft and munitions storage facility in western Sweden, just outside Gothenburg. Have a look at how they’ve set it up as the video progresses and you’ll see they’ve definitely put on an impressive show for the gathered media. It certainly looked great to me, though maybe all companies put on something like this to engage the motoring press, who attend new vehicles launches several times a month and need something to remember the event by.

Enjoy. You’re seeing what I saw, and though it may be on a smaller screen I hope you still get a feel for the setting and how good everything looked. The speeches that followed this initial presentation will be posted shortly.

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  1. go to the light, Swade. go to the light. 😉

    what a beautiful presentation! the video was gorgeous and the cars looked AWESOME lined up like that with their lights** proudly welcoming you down the aisle.

    i am really happy for SAAB. i think 08 will be a great year.

    (**do we have a name for these light bar/coil thingies yet?)

  2. Hi Swade,
    you are doing a great job here, am loving every entry, new car looks good on film but even better in real life.
    All possitive.

  3. Those light pipes look awesome!!

    Can’t wait!!

    Nice video Swade, loving the music. Does anyone know who composed that piece of music? I want it :)!

    If anyone can recognise it, please let me know :).

    Lovely video 🙂 Love the turbo bit with the car whizzing past the other one in the background 🙂

  4. Great one Swadey.
    The video stops as the beat starts to get goin.
    Glad i wasn’t there or it would’ve been Ekkies and a quick side trip to Cafe Del Mar.
    And i recon that choo choo chune was written for the occasion,it seems to sync well with the visuals.

    You mammy jammer ,what a great time.

  5. Yeah, Yeah the car looks, just like the photos that we saw last month, how about some details. !!! You get to talk to Saab insiders and I still haven’t read anything new !!

    Some dates would be nice, is XWD coming out across the range (the TTiD ?). Why do marketing guys always think that putting the best mechanical package on the heaviest and most expensive(Aero) is a good idea ?? $80K for a Saab 9-3, come on !! And why is putting a Holden engine in a Saab a good idea (I know its all about 3 letters, USA) ?? Saab should stick to what the know, 4 cylinder turbos.

    Love the 9-3, not so much the barge that is 9-5

  6. Seems a shame to post this – the dealers will all go through this event and it’s a shame to spoil the surprise (a lot of them visit this site…). Maybe post in a few weeks once the event is over?

  7. David, are you saying those of us who actually spend our hard earned money on buying these cars shouldn’t be able to watch this until dealers have seen it? Give me a break. We should be at the top of the pile.

  8. Buscar, I personally think the tone of your post is a little rude.

    Swade has put a lot of effort into giving us as much info as possible. I’m sure everything will happen eventually, but the guy has literally only just stepped off a plane and is returning back to his home and you are hounding him with all of those questions in a manner which is not really in a polite fashion.

    Please be patient, I’m sure there will be much more info to come through, be thankful you have garnered so much info already from this site.

    I don’t see Saab ditching the four cylinder turbo anywhere? Do you? They still produce them, but times do change. You don’t see Saab going crazy with a huge V8, I have the V6 and it is a fabulous engine. People still have the choice if they want to go with the four cylinder.

    The new TTid looks fab, and it could be the engine to coax me away from the V6 if what they say is true about the in gear times matching the 2.8 :).

    Swade, don’t worry, the majority of your readership is more than patient, in your own time good man 🙂

  9. From what I’ve learned XWD will only be available on the Aero to start with. I’m sure it’ll come on the TTiD in a year or so…

  10. Gotta agree with Kaz. The V6 is awesome. Love the car. If only the shifter had a shorter throw it would be perfect.

    The V6 has been out for a while now and was really needed to attract more customers at the high end. Given that Volvo, Infiniti and the rest have high power engines, it was only logical for SAAB to follow.

    Of course, they didn’t have to go with a V6. The S60 R has an I5 for example. But the unit was available. I guess they could have bored out the four, but why spend that extra money? Also, I think “4 cylinder” scares away a lot of customers for no better reason than “I want a 6 cylinder”.

    As for putting XWD only on the most expensive Aero, it’s not definite at this time. We just don’t know. And from a sales perspective, it’s a smart thing to do. You want to give customers as many reasons as possible to go for the more expensive version. But you still want the cheaper versions to attract people in the lower end of the segment. Making the lower end cars more expensive shaves away precious sales.

  11. 1. i think swade was treated as a “journo” (journalist) during his trip to sweden. he probably got the same info that saab wanted to release to the press, at some point;

    2. i think swade shares whatever he can get his hands on. doesn’t seem like blogists do it to keep things to themselves;

    3. yeah, swade may have gotten some “backstage” access to parts of the facilities, but that doesn’t mean that he saw concept drawings or highly sensitive data. let’s assume he did, though, he, like dealers, reviewers, etc., could have been sworn to secrecy. if that’s the case, i respect him for keeping his word. that’s part of the biz. (he probably saw a lot of robotics, presses, and parts to be assembled. that’s part of what he shared; and i appreciate it.);

    4. swade said he met some prominent saab folks. they have classified info, i’m sure, but i doubt that they were at liberty to discuss it, especially with someone with an enormously famous saab website (that’s certainly easy to google). jon-ake jonsson even asked swade not to query about the “black turbo.” i’m already groovin’ the mystique about it;

    5. maybe there are no “insider” details that came from that trip, but i wouldn’t be surprised if swade made new “contacts” and put into motion an “access pipeline” for others to reach him, if they need to scratch the itch to share info;

    6. i’m happy with the trip coverage. frankly, the my08 rollout is still too new to be all that specific, anyway. the real show stopper was news of the xwd (especially in an aero package), and that’s, …what…, about a year off and still in the testing phase?; and

    7. i’m glad he made it there and back safe and sound. the commute would have done me in. (can’t imagine flying in a plane for more than maybe than 6 hours to get somewhere.)


    back on topic:

    a. the light pipes provided a cool way to highlight the new front design. by the way, the light pipes and the u-shaped hood crease are my favorite parts of the new “face.” they seem to be the most “aero-x” part of the language. (i know, the aero-x’s light pipes are at the bottom of the light casing, not the top, like the 9-3’s; and the aero-x’s u-shaped hood crease has a recessed inner section, unlike the 9-3’s); and

    b. i like how swade started walking right up there. he didn’t just settle for the “tourist” camera angle.

  12. Back to XWD for a moment, I could have sworn I read somewhere that it will be an option on all models (standard on the 280bhp Aero though).

    So if people want it, they can tick the box.

    Personally, I don’t see the point of it on any engine outputting less than 200bhp. Apart from the TTid, due to all that torque.

  13. That video clip was incredible. I can only imagine what it would be like to stand in a HAS (hardened aircraft shelter) and watch a presentation like that. Truly awesome. Come on preorder time!!!! Thanks for all of you time and effort Swade.

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