Saab 9-3 Launch – Video 2

Following is the presentation made by Saab Sweden head honcho Jan-Ake Jonsson at the launch of the 2008 Saab 9-3.

As you’ll see, the launch didn’t quite get off to the clean start Saab would have wanted, but it was all taken in good humour and once the key responsible was located, all was smooth sailing from there.

A couple of points of interest:

1. I think he was referring to Peter Gilbert’s million-mile Saab 900 at one point, but over-quoted the mileage traveled, mentioning three million kilometers. Maybe there was another long-mileage car there that I wasn’t aware of.

2. He also mentions at one point that the 2007 model is “sold out”. Does that mean you can’t go to your dealer and order one to your owns specs, still? They were very busy building 07s when I visited the factory last week. It’s great news if true.

Enjoy the presentation. Two more short ones to come.

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  1. Swade,
    from what I have understood from small comments in Swedish press, the 07 is sold out (no doubt due to the introduction of BioPower) and they do not take any more orders They will start 08 production in early July. But again, it’s only comments in the press.

  2. ctm, it’s the same in the UK according to my source.

    No new orders for the 9-3 until end of June, which will then focus on the ’08MY orders.

    Only vehicles available are from stock or those that are already in the pipeline.

    Builds will start near the end of July, in time for Sept 1st rollouts. Sept 1st is when the registration year changes in the UK. On March 1st there is another half year change to the registration detail.

    Sept cars will have the number 57 in there, and March vehicles will have 08 in there, then the following sept it changes to 58, and so on and so on.

    My next order needs to be done by the end of the first week of July, so it’s good for me :).

  3. I think one reason is all the orders in Sweden. There were 500 more regsitrations of 9-3 in May than in April (that’s + 50%).

  4. Its normal that if you are buying a new car on order (not stock one) then you have to wait. Friend of mine bought IS250 an had to wait 4 months with delivery to Europe, another colleague had to wait about 1,5 month for a SEAT.
    So this period between end of May (end of ordes) and middle of July (start of manufacture) is simply used to make the already ordered cars and clear the line for MY08 production…

  5. That 190bhp version of the TTiD sounds interesting, whats the bet Saab upgrades to that model for the 2009 model year?

    I must say having seen the 08 9-3 I must say I feel a lot more positive about the direction in which Saab is headed. The styling of this car makes the 03-07 9-3 seem bland by comparison (I wont speak of the 9-5!) and if Saab can make an A6 sized 9-5 with this much style and driving finesse it looks Saab could recapture that ‘mojo’ they had in the 1980s!

  6. Waiting for new cars is a bitch. When the Lotus Elise was introduced here in the US, the waiting list was a year long. It also takes two years to get any new Ferrari. Of course, your Ferraris and SEATs and Lexi and Loti are going to take much longer than most cars. A new Chevy probably comes a lot quicker.

  7. Jeff, this is what I’m worried about. For me, if a car is very popular, they do not allow GM folk to order them until demand can be met easily.

    I have a horrid feeling that the same may happen to XWD, demand will be so high that it won’t be available for selection for ages 🙁 if at all 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. It’s Saab, I doubt demand will EVER exceed supply :p

    Well, who knows. There’s really no way to predict the demand for this car. I mean, we all know how great the 9-3 is now, and yet Saab sales still aren’t that great. Even if XWD is the best AWD system on the planet, it still might take a while to catch on.

    Or, Saab might sell 9,000 9-3’s in September. Who can tell? It doesn’t really matter to me, as I don’t have any money and can’t get one anyway :p

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