Saab 96 – one wanted, one for sale

I received an email around a week ago from an Australian guy in Italy who’s looking to buy an older Saab. Did I have any leads on any for sale?

I don’t actually know of any specific ones for sale, but as I’ve got to know a number of people out there through this site, I said I’d check it out. I didn’t know what sort of ‘older Saab’ he was interested in, however.

It turns out he’s thinking of a 2-stroker Saab 96. And he’s willing to travel for it.

If any of you European types know of a 2-stroker for sale, please shoot me an email and let’s see if we can put one of these now-rare machines into some caring hands.


Drew B alerted me to this Saab 96 for sale on Ebay in the UK. As of last night it was going for only 50GBP, though there seems to be a fair bit of interest according to the questions being emailed to the seller and the price has now risen to over 100GBP.


It’s a Saab 96 Souvenir Edition, one of 150 made for the UK market in the late 1970s. Drew’s actually got one in his driveway, which is long overdue for filming. Perhaps when the weather around here is a little less English.

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  1. ooer, that 9-6 looks quite interesting, might put my own hat into the ring for that, I’ve been looking for something to restore for quite some time now.

    The new place has a lovely garage that would be perfect for this 🙂

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