Saab Festival Car Show


Hi all,

I’m off to drive the new 9-3 today, including the XWD version (short drive only).

But first, I’ve just uploaded the photos I took from the car display yesterday. The display was held in the carpark areas at Innovatum, the park where the Saab Museum is located.

All of the photos have been uploaded to Flickr and you can see them by clicking here.

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  1. Awesome. Thanks so much for the efforts mate, really appreciated.

    Can’t believe that its nearly 2 years since I was in Trollhattan or that I missed the opportunity to take photos of the vintage rally that was running that day.

  2. CAM, that Flickr pic is awesome 🙂

    Swade, did you enjoy the ‘vert? Open top motoring is so nice 🙂 And in a Saab, you don’t feel like a show off, as Saab cars don’t come off like that. The informed choice 🙂

    Heck, I love the ‘vert, which is why I keep ordering them over the saloon and combi. Cruising with the hood down is such a wonderful experience. Those that buy a convertible to enjoy that experience really get what open top motoring is about. Those that don’t buy the bling and pose in window reflections :).

    Mind you, the 9-3 ‘vert does look rather nice hood down, reflecting off shop windows 🙂

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