Saab in V2V demo

I don’t have a story to accompany these, but as they say, a picture tells a thousand words.

These landed in my inbox via Ivan in Hungary. It appears to be a V2V technology demonstration.

I wonder how long before this stuff makes it into production models. I’m not that big on gadgets interfering with or distracting the pleasure of driving, but it’s interesting nonetheless.







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  1. That last picture tells me the Saab is parked (0 kph) in the middle lane:-)
    Or is that the story—V2V telling oncoming cars “I’ve stalled in the middle lane!”?

  2. wait, wait!
    Is the Caddy on my left?
    Is it on my right?
    Are there two caddies?
    What’s going on?
    I’m confused….


  3. The reason the last shot had to be shot at 0 mph is that they couldn’t get the Saab to drive behind the Caddy!

  4. dan: actually, this is a different system than Ovlov’s. Ovlov’s BLIS works by using digital cameras to look for cars in the blind spot. This V2V system works off each car transmitting its GPS coordinates and positional information to other cars through a network.

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