Saab Oz sales

Saab Australia had another good month in May 2007, and it looks like they want to have an even better month in June (more in a moment).

Saab Australia sold 188 vehicles in May 2007, which was a 20.5% sales rise over the same month in 2006. The total number of vehicles sold in 2007 so far is 812, which is a 16.5% increase over the 697 sold for the same five month period in 2006.

Congratulations, Saab Oz!!


Many of the sales over the last month or so have been based on an Anniversary campaign, offering a portable navigation unit, free auto transmission and 3 years free servicing. At one point they also offered to pay for a customer’s on-road costs,which can amount to around $3,000 here in Australia. That offer was for one weekend only and it was restricted to MY06 vehicles (and a mate of mine picked up a V6 Aero on this offer – woohoo!)

Saab Oz have reinstated this “You Fly, We Pay” campaign, including the payment of on-road costs. In all, it represents around $7,500 in value.

The difference this time, is that it’s not just for a weekend – it’s right up until June 27, and it’s not just restricted to MY06 cars, it’s now available on the remaining 06 vehicles in stock, AND the full range of MY07 cars as well!

The full terms etc are here. Anyone looking for an upgrade in Australia, now would be your time…..


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  1. Don’t care for the sat nav or the auto (yuk!).

    The 3 yrs servicing wouldn’t amount to much.

    They could try offering other options or a price reduction.

  2. Craig,

    Not sure if you are Australian, but the majority of cars are sold here as auto’s. Not nowing Saab’s stats but I would guess it would be around the 90% mark as most luxury cars are sold autos. Also if you buy a manual Saab here you better plan on hanging onto for a long time for they have no resale value. Even the high performace Fords sold here around 70% are sold in auto’s. Also Sat navs are the flavour of the month here and for Saab not to offer it as a built in option is appaling.

  3. Hi Trent,

    I’m aware of the facts you mention. I actually plan on keeping the car until a viable alternative fuel or fuel-cell car becomes available (could be some time away).

    Its fine by me that many people are more comfortable in autos but for me, find that they detract from driver involvement and the overall driving experience, use more fuel (in most cases) and appallingly expensive to repair and maintain.

    In short i find manuals a lot more fun and cost effective. As for the sat-nav, i don’t really need this.

    At the moment though, i am torn between buying the current model and the MY08. I have to confess that the only thing i don’t like on the MY08 is the bonnet shape. It doesn’t appear very aerodynamic (or aesthetically good) with the flat top and i wonder what the drag characteristics are. The point of the MY08 for me is the E85 engine.

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