Saab Performance Team at Kinnekulle

On the third day of the Saab Festival we all got in our cars and drove up to Kinnekulle Raceway. In between everyone getting a few laps in, we were treated to some vintage cars from the Saab Museum getting a run on the track and a show from the Saab Performance Team.

This video was shot by Joseph, from Malta. He made a lone pilgrimage to Trollhattan for the festival after recently taking on a position representing Saab in Malta, where he’ll be trying to grow the brand from a very small base. It’ll be a very interesting journey, I’m sure, but the new MY08 vehicles should give him something great to work with right from the get-go.

This performance features many of the usual stunts, but also includes a rather rare 720 degree turn near the end. And just to prove that things don’t always go as planned, make sure you watch the final stunt, which I couldn’t get any film of as I was perched on the side of the barrier where it happened.

Thanks Joseph for sending me the link!

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  1. Watching that video made me think of the Simpsons.

    “Star wipe and we’re out.”
    “You know dad, there are wipes other than the star wipe.”
    “Yes, Lisa, but why have hamburger when you can have steak?”

    Anyway, yeah, the 720 was kickass.

  2. Thanks, managed to run off to the other side of the track just before there was the parade of the car museum. actually was a very good angle to take some pictures which i’ll post very soon

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