Saab Service and Repair Stuff (part 2)

Following on from Ronald’s question about how expensive it is to repair and maintain your Saab, we had our 1994 Saab 9000 CS in for its 200,000km service today. The 200,000 service is a relatively big one, with a bunch of filters scheduled for changing.

For Ronald’s benefit, and for anyone who cares to compare, here’s how it broke down. All figures are in Aussie dollars.

Saab air filter – $34.85
“Filter EFI” – $30.21
Spark Plugs – $20.68
Pollen Filter – $75.50
Transmission Oil – $55.55
Rocker Cover Bush – $2.33
PCV Valve – $29.99
Vacuum Hose – $1.37
Transmission Filter – $35.00
Turbo feed pipe – $70.00
Service and Check – $175.00
GST (VAT) – $53.06

Total – $583.55

For the amount of work done, I’m not too disappointed with that. I was actually expecting it to be a little more. Actually, we had a little bit of stuff done prior to me going to Sweden, which is hy there’s no engine oil on this list, so I suppose it was a little more in the end.

This is the most a service has ever cost with this car and primarily because of the extra bits that had to be replaced. The car drove beautifully on the way home, so I figure it made a difference.

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  1. Thanks swade, this is the stuff i’m most interested in.

    Given i’m intending to spend on Hirsch power upgrade (if they ever get a presence here-i’m told by SAAB Aust they’re trying to facillitate this) to 150+ kw any saving on maintenance will be a bonus.

    Long term, if SAAB is for me, i’ll look at buying a technical manual so i can as much maintenance work as is feasable.

  2. >> Spark Plugs – $20.68

    not platinums then? 😉 i nearly fell over when Motors charged me $80 for plugs, until 15,000km later we went to change the plugs and found there were (a) Bosch’s finest and (b) still had plenty of life left in them.

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