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Well. Thank all things worth thanking that there’s some sensible types in comments at The Truth About Cars.

Yet another review that driveled on about the texture of the plastic, but offered very little information about the car itself. What is the point? After reading this review, the reader doesn’t know what kind of suspension the car uses, what safety equipment is contains, what the torque curve is, what the economy is, what the stopping distance is, or really anything at all except the shape of the plastic buttons on the dash. More than the Saab, this review is pathetic and could have been written by a child.

This was one response to a cretinous review of a 9-5 Wagon. This guy’s not the only one to stand up in the Saab’s defence either, which is good to see.


Inside Line apparently have an exclusive on Saab’s future product line. Problem is, they’re just mentioning a new 9-5, a 9-1 and a 9-4x which will all be released somewhere between 2009 and 2012.

This is hardly new information. As a matter of fact, a member of the Djup Strupe collective gave us this info some time ago, but with specific years mentioned rather than a three year time frame. At the time, the schedule was as follows:

Saab 5 year product plan

2008 – New Aero diesel with twin sequential turbo chargers with similar performance to V6 petrol.

2009 – New 9-5 Saloon similar size to A6 with 4 wheel drive.

2009 – 9-4X SUV a similar size to BMW X5 but lower.

2010 – New 9-5 Estate

2011 – New 9-3 Saloon

2012 – New 9-3 Sportwagon & Convertible, will be neither a conventional soft-top or a retractable hard top, something new.

2012 – New 9-1 a smaller model to create a style icon for the Saab brand.

I can tell you further that much of this was confirmed once again this week by IL’s own source, Mr Steve Shannon.

In addition, anyone looking forward to BioPower in 2008 needn’t hold their breath. I have it on good authority that it’s planned for MY2009.


The Goodwood Festival of Speed is underway and there’s a special section for Green Cars this year. A mate of Trollhattan Saab, Robin M, is on the spot and captured the Aero-X posing in the pavilion as well as this alternative 9-3.


My brother-in-law had a succession of LPG cars as LPG is the preferred alternative fuel here in Australia. The government will actually throw money at you right now to convert your car to run on it. They run OK, too, but the loss of boot space is a PITA.

Robin’s FOS Flickr set is here and well worth a look.



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  1. I’m not surpised to read this swade.

    Reasonably intelligent people can smell (pardon the pun) crap when they read it.

    The motoring press (or at least a section of it) are as self serving as mainstream press.

    Its one of the reasons people like me visit sites like this.

  2. Sorry for the unrelated comment, But do you know what is going on with the audio troll? Is it dead? It’s not up on his site anymore. Help! I need connectivity!

  3. 2012, where art thou?

    the only “style icon” for the brand is the aero-x, but it’s a “look at and don’t touch” kind of thing.

    anxiously waiting.

  4. “More than the Saab, this review is pathetic”

    I hope this guy was saying that the review painted the Saab as pathetic, and not that the Saab is pathetic and the review is moreso. Because that would be bad.

    Anyway, I hope that the new convertible top works out, and I hope the 9-1 is a wagonback.

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