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I was going to post, but I’ve gotta run. I have a plane to catch.

Check out the comments. Swedish sales data for May is IN. The 9-3 BioPower is now officially troubling the 9-5.



Hi all,

I’ll be off shortly for the trip to Sweden. In order to save some headaches with my ISP while I’m away I’ve diverted my site email to a new email address.

If you have anything to send me, please send it to

Entries may be light during my trip. Non-existant is probably more accurate. For that reason I’ve re-ordered some prominent entries directly below this one for your enjoyment and hopefully to foster some more discussion about them where appropriate.

I’ll see you from Sweden real soon!

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  1. Have thought about it, Dmitry. But I can’t be bothered setting it up. Web-based works Ok for this situation.

    I might pull my finger out and setup TS email when I get home.

  2. You can still have a web-based account. Just set up an “official” TS contact email and have it automatically forwarded to a mailbox of your choice behind the scenes. This way you won’t have to post announcements like this, or worry that people might not be able to reach you.

  3. Salesdata May for sweden for the trip…
    make, units, change from -06
    1) Volvo v70 2419 -35%
    2) Saab 9-3 1535 +30%
    3) Volvo v50 1183 -1%
    4) Saab 9-5 953 -27%

    Salesdata jan-may
    1) Volvo v70 11631 -12%
    2) Saab 9-3 5211 +8,5%
    3) Volvo v50 5144 -8%
    4) Saab 9-5 5002 -16%

    Pretty interesting numbers. For the first time we can see how much the biopower have saved 9-5 sales in Sweden. Many companys have as requirement that you buy an ecofriendly car. Now that 9-3 has come to the market, well it is probably so much better than the 9-5.

    Enviromental cars reach a share of 16,6 percent in Sweden. (new record) The overall market was up 4 percent. Diesel has also become more popular up tp 29 percent of the market compared to 16 percent.

  4. I forgot about today beeing a new month! 🙂 Interesting rise in sale despit all the news of the face-lifted 9-3.

  5. Have a great trip Swade. Hoping to still be able to make it there for the Sunday. Look forward to reading your thoughts.

    Ciao for now 🙂

  6. Thanks for the lessons in Swedish ctm , absolutely SOOO hilarious.
    Ren korv – Sätt på en skygg lapp.
    Have a great time Swade , see ya when you get home.
    Fler fulöl till ful full fan

  7. Here is some salesdata from Finland:

    5/07: Saab 142, marketshare 1,08% (5/06: Saab 190, marketshare 1,25%)
    1-5/07: Saab 754, marketshare 1,15% (1-5/06: Saab 873, marketshare 1,23%)

    So, Saab sales are down -13,6% at 1-5/07 compared to 1-5/06. Total car market sales are -7,8% compared to same period last year.

  8. Robby G – that would sure make a lot more sense than that black mascara! I think you’re on to something… I sure hope you are right…

  9. I sure hope the 9-3 rear lights will be chromed out rather than blacked out, it would look far better.

    Any photoshop experts willing to have a go. Id do it myself but I, admittedly, am lousy at it!

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