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Teknikens Varld has published their film review of the new Saab 9-3, which I don’t understand a word of. But ctm assures me they like it a lot.

it’s funny, but seeing pictures like the screenshot below and remembering what AM&S’s Par Brandt was doing during our test drive, the sight of someone hanging out of a car holding a camera whilst another car’s following close behind must be quite common around Gothenburg at the moment.

This is just a screenshot. Click the link above to fiew the video.



Teknikens Varld also have a (sort of) strange comparo between the Volvo XC90 and the Saab 9-7x. I say it’s sort of strange is normally comparos like this are between cars that are similar, roughly at least, in price.


One of the reasons for the test is that a company in Sweden has now commenced importing the 9-7x. And even though it’s an import-only proposition, the 9-7x comes in at around 370,000 SEK whereas the Ovlov comes in at over 600,000 SEK. That’s one heck of a difference, but it’s not the only one.

Teknikens seem to assess the Saab as being an SUV whereas the Volvo is really a modern crossover. The Saab will take your stuff, and your people, to the same places the Volvo will but it won’t do it as comfortably. Not that it’s uncomfortable, but it’s come from a completely different foundation.

Now will it do it with the same level of road manners. I really liked this bit, as written through my translator software:

In Saabs publicity brochure it states “the whole car communicates with you as an extension of your body.” Hmm… Certainly speaks the car to me, but I do not understand the language.

Whilst they do assess the Ovlov as being the better vehicle, it’s with an acknowledgement that it’s built on a frendlier base than the 9-7x and that the 9-7x is by no means a poor vehicle. They atually appear to give the 9-7x a favourable nod in the end due to price.

The author states that if he had 620,000 SEK he’d still buy the Saab and have some fun with the change. If he won the lottery and price didn’t matter, then the Ovlov is the better vehicle.

Not a bad write-up, that.

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