That 9-5 plate

I posted a link to this photo in an article about Future Saabs last night…

John, in a brief moment when he wasn’t busy filling your many orders at Elkparts, did a little digging and found that that particular 9-5 number plate is actually unused and available!

So if you’re in the UK and you’ve got a paticular (and slightly wacky) desire to have a Saab plate before the model it was shown on comes to be a reality, here’s the link you need.

If the next 9-5 actually ends up looking like that, you could transfer the plate to your new 9-5 and tell everyone how your car was featured in Car Magazine!!

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  1. This car looks way better than a fish and ten times better than the MY08 9-3. This is far closer to Aero-X inspiration than any other Saab (real or CGI). I hope and pray the new 9-5 will look something like this.

  2. Ten times better than the MY08 9-3, sorry I dont agree one bit. I reckon the front will be much more aggressive a la 9-3 and those blacked out A-pillars have got to go.

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