The Aussies have arrived!!

Our compatriot Aussie Saabers have finally arrived in the country after landing in Germany, hiring a camper and driving up. With Brendon B arriving yesterday and these four coming today, we now have a contingent of 6 Aussie Saabers here in Trollhattan.

The party comprises:

Brendan B – curator of the Australian Saab 99 register.

Dan R – owner/driver of the 99T that competed in Targa Tasmania a few years ago.

Steve B – owner of the silver sled.

Jeff and Di B – several calendars from 2006 featured Jeff’s cars, particularly the 9-5 Hirsch

Yours truly – owner of a very cute dog.

Not only did the Aussies arrive, they came bearing T-shirts!!!! And they’re pretty darn good, too. The design was done by Steve B, who designs our SCCA club magazine (the best on the planet by a mile) as well as doing design for several Saab websites and past SOC insignias.


Alex, Drew, Bill, Richo, John H and Paul H – you should all be here!

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  1. Ahhh the good old royal kangaroo. Actually Steve B has just penned the new Aussie flag, roo under a monarchy. Did they organise one for you Swade?

    Bloody jealous right now, might just have to go for a drive and I’ll feel much better. At least I can drive a bit of Trollhattan.

  2. Eggs,

    Just because you can’t see the beer or lamb doesn’t mean they’re not there. Regarding the fisticuffs, there is at least one pictured cradling a sore head (though that could be the beer).

  3. I know that look on Di B’s face anywhere!!

    Jeff B has bought something!!

    Sorry we couldn’t all send the Saab Club of Australia to Sweden. dont think Sweden could have handled the rest of us motly lot!

    Hope You’s all are having a good time,
    tell Sab to upload some of the 15000 pics he has probably taken!!


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