The Saab Festival – Day 1

Hi all.

It’s 8.30 a.m. here and here’s the program for the day:

– The following facilities are open all day, with some offering tours throughout the day

Saab Factory – where they build the cars – duh
ANA Trollhattan – the GM-Saab owned dealership here in town

Saab Car Museum – free entry for all!

Today, we also have the following presentations being made. I’m going to try and get to all of them at different stages:

13.00 – The world’s most extreme Saab (ANA)
13:00 and 15.00 – Workshop diagnostics (Museum)
14.00 – Talladega 1986 (Museum)
14:15 and 16:15 – guided tour of ANA
15:00 – Saab Biopower (ANA)
16:00 – LaCarrera Panamerica Saab 96 (Museum)
17:00 – Swede Team Motor (ANA)

I’ll definitely be at The SDCC sales, the world’s most extreme Saab, a guided tour of ANA, La Carrera Panamerica and the Swede Team Motor presentations.

Sounds like a full day. The stuff that I’ll miss today will be on again tomorrow at different times, so I’ll catch it then.

See you all on the other side!

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  1. Hey swade, what’s in the SAAB show bag? Could you get some pics of the Linear (or whatever replaces it).


  2. Argg’ folks!

    ’bout stating the colour (ref*) as saffron!?!

    To me saffron will have a more distinct yellowish orange touch and feel… and this colour I deem of as being more “sharp” in a highly saturated yellow tone…

    I’d call it something else than saffron ye pirates;> {…of cab’ian seas!-}



  3. Make sense. They lost so much money on the Smart operation, that GM will buy it and rebadge it as a Saab 9-1. 😉

  4. Bad news from Germany, again:
    Saab sold 415 units, 28% less that in May 2006. This year’s sales are down by 24%, to 1698, as compared with Jan-May 2006. The figures for the whole market are -11% and -10%.
    Swade, can you do something about it (neing so close to Germany at the moment)?
    But hey, if we count smart’s sales (new 9-1, remember) together with Saab’s preformance, the numbers look much better, at leas in absolute terms! 😉 (smart sold 3043 ‘cars’ in May)

  5. I don’t suppose the SDCC outlet has a web presence, e-mail address, snail mail address, anything? Course, I suppose NOS doesn’t go back as far as I would like anyway:-(

  6. Swade, dude 🙂

    PLEASE find out about that Snow Silver colour and if it is indeed going to be the same colour that is on the Aero-X 🙂 Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase 🙂

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