The Truth About Cars have an article that might be of interest to anyone considering traveling to Sweden and picking up a new Saab right from the land of its birth.

The article is an overview of the half-dozen manufacturers that offer Euro delivery with an incentive for doing so. Frankly, if I lived in the US and was in the market for a new car then I wouldn’t do it any other way.

You pick it up in Trollhattan itself, tour the factory where it was made, visit the museum, drive a little further up the highway and photograph it with the Viggen, drive around Europe and then fly home and await delivery. You even get to keep your Euro plates as a souvenir (great for car shows!).

TTAC present this summary of the six EDPs available in North America and as you’ll see, Saab’s EDP is more than comparable….


TTACs article is a good primer on how EDPs work and a recommended read for anyone who’s got the itch after seeing the 2008 Saab 9-3 photos and reviews.

For even more details on Saab’s program, head on over to Saab USA’s EDP website.

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  1. If I ever bought a Saab new, maybe I can afford a 9-1… I would def want to do the european delivery program.

    Saab’s program tends to have more ‘perks’ yea?

  2. I’m not sure why they say %5-%10 discount for Saab. I think they do better than that indicates. I’ve reformatted data from their website below (praying that it looks right, nice columns, etc.). There’s nothing near as low as %5. Some discounts exceed 10%. The $2000 travel stipend is in addition to that.
    9-3 2.0T Sport Sedan — $26,995 $3,105
    9-3 Aero Sport Sedan — $33,545 $3,695
    9-3 2.0T SportCombi — $28,240 $3,220
    9-3 Aero SportCombi — $34,445 $3,775
    9-3 2.0T Convertible — $38,240 $4,120
    9-3 Aero Convertible — $43,845 $4,625
    9-5 Sedan — $35,440 $3,870
    9-5 Sedan w/Aero Package — $36,535 $3,965
    9-5 SportCombi — $36,440 $3,960
    9-5 SportCombi w/Aero Package — $37,535 $4,055

  3. And when will it come to canada…..

    I keep asking myself, how can they give $2K + a 10% discount on the car. The cost savings for saab must be minimal so what is the catch?

  4. The only “catch” I can think of is the financing. If you are planning to finance, you have to go through GM, and the rate is pretty high (~8% with exc. credit). They give with one hand and take away with the other. I am doing ED on a 9-3 SportCombi this August, but I am not financing. Still, it is a great deal if financing isn’t an issue and you are looking for a unique vacation. I am picking up in Sweden. Can’t wait! Too bad the factory will be closed when I am there…

  5. My wife and I were going to do EDP this summer, but held off until we heard the MY08 specs. Glad we did – From what Swade says about the changes, rattles, drive, and headlamps alone it might be worth it. Oh, and Snow silver!

    I called Saab today and was told no EDP on 08s until Oct. 1 for pickup in Nov. After it gets shipped back we’re talking December….

    My questions is – can you do an EDP and not go to Sweden? I only ask because we will already be there this summer.

  6. CJ, I caught this in comments (additional information posted by the author of the article):

    The programs exist for US and Canadian residents, or members of US and Canadian armed forces. Not all the companies offer military and diplomat sales and discounts (BMW and Volvo do). The military sales differ in that you can keep the car in Europe longer than 6 months without paying tax. Under EU law the ”euro delivery” cars must leave after 6 months or pay local VAT in the country they have been temporarily registered in.

    Perhaps there is a way to get EDP in Canada?

  7. Thanks Kroum. I contacted GM via the the ED-USA homepage, who referred me to GM in canada.

    The answer from GM in canada was a big NO!

    Do not know if it would be an option to go via the US, but I doubt that you will get the same spec’s/guarantees etc on the car then plus that you might have to pay some taxes in both countries.

  8. Thanks Swade – I should have phrased my question properly.

    Can I NOT go oversees to pick it up? As in, get the 2k back from Saab, but not pick it up. Just have it sent over to the US?

  9. Thanks, CJ. I know that Saab Canada would normally honour the warranty of a vehicle purchased in the U.S., and there was some information related to that at the SOCCI forums at

    I guess that’s something that could be done potentially, however, you have to buy out the car as I doubt sure you have it leased or financed via GM USA if you live and work in Canada.

  10. John F, how could they possibly close the factory? maybe to tours? That’s a shame, maybe you can stay a day longer to see it?!

  11. On the topic of financing – I’ve seen at least one person use Capital One for EDP. Once approved, they give you a blank check to make out up to your limit.

    Capital One’s rates are in the 6-7% range – another option is local credit unions with similar “blank check” auto loan programs.

    I’m looking forward to giving the EDP a shot when the MY08s become available in the US. I requested information on 9-3s from SaabUSA on June 12 and I received a brochure for MY07 models today.

  12. Last spring (06) my wife & I purchased our 9-3 sportcombi via EDP. We financed the vehicle through our credit union which was as simple as financing a vehicle purchased in the states. And the trip- it instantly begat a love affair w Saab & Sweden. When the time rolls around for another Saab, you can bet we’ll go this route again!

  13. Saaboy,

    The way they explained it to me, it sounded like it was an August plant shutdown, but maybe they just aren’t offering tours. At least there is the museum.

  14. Regarding Canadian purchase via US, I don’t think it can be done. They need your US passport # for validation.

    Regarding delivery, you have to go to Europe for pickup, and it has to be the person who takes ownership in the US. I recently read (maybe here) about someone who flew over, drove the car to the port, and flew back. What a waste.

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