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The Saab world respects no holidays or world trips and just keeps on spinning….


Andy Rupert, of “Saab Release Me” fame, is at it again. This time he’s amping up Eggs’ parody of my Hummer experience (read that first if you haven’t already).

Andy’s addition to the ongoing ‘story’ is a song recorded to the tune of “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah”. Jump over to his site for the mp3 and the lyrics. Again, very funny stuff.


Thanks to everyone who emailed me about the Boston Globe piece. Please don’t think i’m rude for not replying but it’s been busy here.

Yes, this site got a mention (which was nice) but more importantly, we got hear something from Steve Shannon. He was in New England meeting dealers and addressing the motoring press there.

“Our research shows that the Saab buyer, globally as well as in the United States, is remarkably similar demographically,” Shannon said. “He or she is the youngest buyer in the entry-level luxury segment, the best educated, and passionate about the brand.”

This summer, Shannon will have a chance to see what’s out there for classic Saabs when the company hosts the 25th annual Saab Owners Convention in Troy, Mich., from Aug. 23-26.

“I’ll be able to mingle with the most passionate owners in the country,” he said.

Yes, we are very passionate about the brand. It’s true.

And whilst the SOC will be a great opportunity to meet the Saab faithful, can I respectfully suggest that other than some unknown crisis that threatens the brands exisence in the US this week, there’s little more that I can imagine that would be more important for a new Saab head honcho from its biggest market than a visit to Sweden this weekend for the Saab Festival.

I’m sure Steve may have visited Sweden during his time in Europe, but having come here and seen just a little of the country, the people and why Saab is important here has made me appreciate and understand the marque a little more. I think that’d be a valuable way to spend a couple of days.

I hope he’s coming.


Steve has also recently published an article on the GM FYI blog about the Saab Convertible’s recent crash test achievements. There’s no new news here from a TS perspective, but it’s good to see things from him popping up.


Prince Charles has been driving a BioPower Convertible in the UK.


There’s no quotes from future-king, but I’m sure he would have said something about Mummy liking it. Hopefully he’ll pull some strings and get some more E85 availability and those all-important London congestion charge concessions soon.


Per Eklund reached another A-Final last weekend in Hungary. It seems he employed the Steven Bradbury technique to perfection once again (Aussies and others interested in the winter Olympics will understand this reference).

Mike Jager has all the news.


I’m off to the Saab Museum and the ANA Saab dealership today.

Tonight, dinner with a couple of local Saab nuts.

And local newspaper TTELA has called up and want to have a chat, which we’re doing on Thursday. Any suggestion as to things I can say are welcome in comments.

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  1. HAHAHA!!!

    Eggs -> funny!
    Mr. Rupert -> funny!

    Eggs n grits… does the ‘grits’ part of your name mean cigarettes?

  2. Prince Charles is doing the same thing that everyone does the first time they encounter a 9-3 — “How does THIS turn the car on? And WHERE does it go?”

    Notice he is holding it up in amazement.

    I certainly think the fob is neat, but yearn for a push-button start. Talk about form-follows-function; even the Altima and Prius now have this. Can’t Saab?

  3. Nevitz, i think the push button start on modern vehicles is probably the most stupid idea of them all. A key is all it takes, one movement and you’re away. Let the Prius and the Altima follow the herds, keep it well away from Saab.

    Swade, Aussie sales figures are in. Another good month. 188 sales against 156 last year, up 20.5%. Anually sales are year to date at 812 against 697 in 2006, up 16.5%.

  4. Saaboy: Grits is food. Damn Yankee.

    Push button starters are dumb. Not only can anyone with a little bit of hacking expertise now be a master car booster, but it’s also one more thing that reminds me that carmakers are more focused on making their cars seem cool and hip than making them cars I’d want to drive.

  5. As Nevitz pointed out, it seems Prince Charles needed help with the key. He got it from none less than Stirling Moss (aka Pat Moss Carlsson’s brother)…
    Charles also drove a Saab Bio-power 9-3 convertible which runs on bio-ethanol E85 made from fermented plant matter.
    Sir Stirling approached the car after the Prince held up the unusual plastic smart key which plugs into the centre of the car near the gear stick rather than by the wheel.
    Sir Stirling said after helping the Prince: “He got into the Saab and they’re notorious for the keys. I was just showing him a little bit of that.”

  6. Saab is not going keyless, instead we’ll get an alco-o-meter as keyfob… 🙂

    A fingerprint starter button could be cool, too.

  7. Quintessential Southern breakfast place:


    The breakfast pictured is very authentic. I’m not so much a fan of the red-eye gravy (made with ham or bacon fat, flour and strong coffee – hence the name), but it is very much a Tennessee thing. Eggs, grits, Southern buttermilk biscuits, tomatoes, ‘Country’ ham (salt-cured and smoked). Of course, we all die of coronary artery disease, but it’s good!

    I’m teasing about the coronary thing. We actually enjoy great longevity here. Outsiders that come in and start eating this stuff certainly pack on a few pounds, but we generally are OK.

  8. Push button starters are a way for car makers to save some money. It means that they can give you a button that costs pennies to make instead of a mechanical lock that may cost a few dollars.
    The downside is that it removes one layer of theft protection. As long as you can break the key’s encryption, the car is yours. Apparently David Beckham’s had a few BMW’s stolen this way.

  9. I will stick up for Nevitz. Why do people call new ideas dumb??? He made a point, you may not agree but don’t be so negative. Would you rather he didn’t post?
    As for following the herd -where do you stop? If everyone else is usuing push button your car will look out of date, not cool and different. I find the push button system much easier to use and as for security, LOL are people actually saying having a key would reduce thefts???? A key never, ever, stopped a car theft. It is the immobiliser that protected a car. If a car thief wants your car they will get it, even if they have to break into your house to take the key.


    Sorry for shouting but there are a few of us who’d like to know and you still havent commented.

    Hope you are enjoying yor stay in Saab-land!

    zippy 🙂

  11. I think I know why Swade won’t tell what car he’s driving. Either it’s (1) a Hummer or (2) and Alfa Romeo. Either way, he’d be too embarrassed to let us know.

  12. Saaboy: ‘Urban’ is a euphamism for ‘hip-hop’ or ‘Black’ slang.

    I’ve never heard anyone use ‘grit’ for cigarettes.

    Occasionally, I’ve heard the following slang:

    GRITS = Girl Raised In The South = Two meanings:
    1. A woman of polite Southern upbringing rooted in traditional British-influenced Southern ettiquite. (compliment)
    2. A woman (usually black) with little regard for a career or family, only interested in finding the next party. (derogatory)

    Grit = A slow-moving, slow-minded rural Southerner. (Derogatory)

    The others listed must be black/hip-hop slang. Either that or I’m older than I think that I am!

  13. I’m not saying Nevitz or anyone else is dumb for wanting button starters, I was just saying I think they’re a bad idea and kinda tacky. I like my key. Plus, think about it: Saab puts the ignition between the seats. That’s where a button start goes. If everyone puts it there (which they do), that’s one more Saab thing that’s gone, because it becomes commonplace.

    As for stealing keys…how many car boosters steal Saabs? They go after BMW’s ;p They’re pretty hard to steal without the key, and not a lot of people would go through that much trouble to get ahold of a Saab key.

    Lastly…I think Prius’ are among the most ugly cars on the road and the last thing I want is for Saabs to share ANYTHING with them if they can help it.

  14. Guy’s… Really you’ll must be joking ’bout the MY2008 9-3 in the streets of Trollie! Then the pics would have been all over the press by now. And Swade steering one already, IN TOWN… I’d hardly believe that’s a serious case. Though I’d hold him as worthy of receiving one from Saab after the release ’cause of his ambassador skills in the Internet-/blogos-sphere and all the fuzz hi drives @ no cost for Saab but of high rate value…

  15. There’s nothing new about push button starts, they’ve been around for planty of years. They’ve only been a silly fad for a couple though. A key is a perfectly sensible,safe and secure way of starting a motorcar. A push button that like most switches will fail long before a key isn’t.

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