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I’ve ragged on SaabUSA and Car Magazine already today, may as well add Oz motoring source Drive to the list. Here’s Jez Spinks in an article today:

The Swedish car maker’s new XWD system – pronounced Cross Wheel Drive – is the standout new feature in a list of 9-3 updates that includes revised styling and a new diesel engine.

XWD, the name of which was revealed exclusively last month by Drive.com.au, makes its debut in January 2008


Try February 4, and published right here after some good sleuthing by a TS reader. Emily, I assume you have dealings with this guy and can sort him out on the facts.


And whilst we’re ragging on people, let’s add a Sydney based Saab dealer to the list. I’ll leave the offender’s name out, but here’s the story.

Many of you know I have a mate in Sydney – Richo – who’s a fellow Viggen owner. He took his Viggen to the dealership to get an exhaust issue looked at. He also wanted to get a BOV (one that their mechanic recommended) and a steering rack brace fitted. Whilst he was there he mentioned an oil and filter change and asked that they call him with a quote on the price for it all before they start work.

2.5 hours later Richo gets a call telling him that the brace would be $130, they were yet to figure a price on the exhaust, but that the oil and filter job that they’d already done would be $330!!!

Already done, without authorisation – and $330 to boot!!

To add insult to injury, they refused to fit the BOV as they said it was illegal, even though it was their bloke who recommended it.

Richo made some calls and got the following prices for the same work being done at other establishments:

Saab Serve (independant) – $99, oil, filter and safety check
Heartland Saab – $187.55
Alec Mildren – $150.00

Look, I’m all for people supporting their dealership when they feel they can (disclosure – I use an independant here in Hobart). We need stand-alone dealerships and service is obviously a big part of their business.

But aren’t they shooting themselves in the foot with this sort of stuff? It’s called “service” for a reason.


And now, putting on a happy face…..

Ryan from Saab History is back from Sweden and has some good Saab Festival coverage up on site. He got to some presentations I didn’t, such as Kjell ac Bergstom’s session on BioPower and the tour of the ANA dealership.

Check it out.

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  1. BOV is illegal cuz… blows off harmful shiz into enviro? who knows…

    oil change for $330 is ridiculous… mebe for a bmw… get it -> bmw 300, 330$…

    I’d be pissed off… but then again i do all my own oil changes thank you very much 🙂

  2. Yeah well at Saab City at Rosebery, oh oops did I just name them, they reckon their service standard warrants the price.

    Well I’ll be calling around Merc and BMW dealership and getting a price from a range of shops then sending them in an open letter to the relevant people here in Saab Oz so that no one else has to be trated like this. It’s criminal!

    After telling them they had between no and bugger all chance of getting $330 out of me they charged me $160. $64 for the 4L of Mobile 1 oil, $12 for the filter and $84 labour.

    A kind word of warning. Don’t go to Saab City unless you are willing to pay twice as much as everywhere else! Saab Serve is definately your best bet.

  3. …and Saaboy, BOV are on every Saab with a Turbo, I bought a replacement one. Plus, it’s only compressed air…..soooo……

  4. The factory Saabs have bypass valve instead of blow-off valve. Bypass valve dumps the pressure to recirculate it back to the intake of the turbo when the throttle closed down. BOV release it to the air making the whistle noise.

  5. It’s a wonder the morons never charged for disposal of the waste oil! What a joke, I would have really stuggled not to body-slam the manager of that operation. Don’t let me discourage you from doing so, though, Richo!

    It’s instances like these that really highlight Saab Australia’s complete lack of after-sales service (emphasis on the word SERVICE). Little wonder people buy German brands.


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