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The Saab 9-5 is still getting a fair bit of ad space on Jay Leno’s Garage at the moment:


You can see the banner at the top and the rectangle at the side. That’s a fair bit of space on a popular site and it can only be a good thing.

But the Saab that’s getting the prime space on Leno’s site at the moment isn’t one you can buy from your local dealer. The video in the centre there takes a look at Leno’s Saab 93B, which he purchased a while back from Tom Donney in the US, a Saab guy with a bit of a bent for vintage Saabs.

The video goes for 6 minutes, and Leno takes you for a look around the 93B, which he’s restored and uprated to an 850cc with a four-speed gearbox. He then takes us for a drive.

Recommended viewing. It’s always good to see one of these old timers well preserved.

Hat tip: Greg A.


1985Gripen has spotted that there’s a huge ethanol conference going on this week in St Louis and asks why Saab’s name isn’t all over it.

Agreed, it would be a great exposure opportunity, but Djup Strupe tells me that we won’t see BioPower in the US until MY2009, so maybe next year.

Or not. Marketing dollars are limited for Saab and my guess is that a lot of the clued-in people at this conference may already be aware of BioPower.


I mentioned Audi’s foray into web-TV a little while ago and now Ferrari have joined the ranks. I’m sure there’s others out there too that we haven’t heard about.

Would there be enough Saab information and video material out there to support a web-tv channel? Would it be worth it anyway? These things tend tobe high-rotation and on-demand type services and I think it could really be a flyer for Saab. The costs are fairly minimal for the exposure you get too.

I’m quite sure they’re looking into it and I hope it comes to pass.

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  1. It’s only a shame that Leno can’t keep an original car in it’s garage 🙁 he always has to change something…

  2. Yeah, I was a bit saddened that he’d changed it up a little, too. At least he got hold of some original cloth etc for the inside, but still….

  3. Yes, but remember that the changes are upgrades that existed in the Saab model line. They made 850cc two strokes with four-speed transmissions (I think). Not in 1958, of course, but it is still an authentic Saab experience.

    It’s not as if he dropped a Chevy short-block V-8 in there, or anything.

  4. In spite of the few mods, I’m as happy as a Lark to see the 93B featured. I’m guessing it’s really hard to get parts for the older 2-cycle engines. There are guys in the U.S. (Chip Lamb and Bud Clark) who rebuild the 850 engines, but I don’t know about the 750 engines. But, I drove a 3 speed 93 once and was surprised to find it more drivable around town because of the gearing and more mild tuning. My 4-speed 850cc was just a bit touchy about tuning and plugs, great on the highway though. I always used Saab’s Hi-M (high miscibility) oil. Still have a couple of the gallon cans. It required no premixing and didn’t smoke at all except on a cold start.

  5. Well 10 points for Abbott Racing!!!

    Swade and my parts arrived today, a whole 5 days (including a weekend) after I called and told them a small part was missing out of the brace kit.

    🙂 ahhhhhhh, why can’t Saab here in Oz be so pleasant?

    ps – I looked at one of my old service records from SaabCity, my 75k service and low…. they charged me $275 for the entire service, which included an oil and filter change. How however they are charging $330 for an oil change alone. WTF?

  6. Richo: I can only confirm that. When I bought the Quaife LSD for Viggen from them (they were like 50% off) it took less then 24h to confirm deal, charge my card, pick up by DHL in UK and delivery in Central Europe. I could have saved by picking a lower shipping rate, but it felt ok.
    On the other hand Elkparts had to wait 4 days for credit card confirmation and then other 2 days after it was charged before they shipped. The catch is, the same data and card was used in previous purchase.
    Its a matter of trust and I can appreciate that…

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