UK Saab 9-3 Pricing

Saab UK dealers should be getting their brochures etc in stock soon.

I’ve managed to land an electronic version, so in the interest of prudent financial planning, here’s what you can get and how much it’ll cost.

Click each image to enlarge.


This first one’s the pricing for the Linear range:



Next, the Vector Sport range:



The Aero range:



This next image shows the standard equipment for each variant. The ‘Airflow’ model mentioned is a vehicle aimed at the business customer.



Here’s the options list, with prices:



Finally, here are the standard packages available:


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  1. Pretty much similar to current prices.

    No ‘vert prices yet mind, and will be interesting to see the prices for the xwd version.

  2. I was preparing to order my next SAAB (my fifth running), it was to be a Vector sport wagon with the TTiD engine but SAAB UK don’t want to sell me one! They insist I have Aero trim! Why?

  3. Does anyone have the pricetags for Denmark or Austria?? I guess first vert-prices will come from the austrian friends 🙂
    So please help me! Danish prices are important as they tend to be the best in Europe!

  4. I’d be curious to see the jump in retail pricing between 07MY and 08MY, on average. Any UK users out there have a sense in relative pricing between model years?

  5. James – the UK prices are slightly higher for 08MY but the specification has generally been improved.
    It obviously depends upon what the marketing people in each saab location think what will sell in their country when deciding upon price & equipment levels

  6. Quote from Saab UK “MY08 New 9-3 and 9-5 are subject to a 1.5% price increase, effective for all MY08 orders and stock vehicles. This is below the current level of inflation and is outweighed by the new exterior styling of New 9-3 and the signficant levels of additional product content added across the range.

    All MY07 stock will remain at MY07 prices.”

  7. On average the 08MY has increased by approximately £350. But the 9-3 Convertible VectorSport model for example, now carries £715 worth of extras over the 07MY.

    These are Comfort opening roof, Heated front seats and ESP.

    The preview brochure can be obtained from you local dealer.

    Saab’s Twin Turbo is thier performance Diesel engine. With 400nm of torque it equals the 280hp V6. Mid-range acceleration is only 1/10th of a second slower than the V6 XWD too. The Aero badge does seem right.

    Expect the price of the Aero 1.9TTiD to be around £1,500 than the 1.9TID 150hp VectorSport model

    08MY Aero now comes with Comfort Closing Windows,
    Saab Park Assist,
    Heated Front seats.

    Full Leather is also standard on the Aero (a carry over from the current model.)

    Those options alone are approximately £900 if ordered on the Vectorsport.
    So you’re paying an extra £600 for the larger output engine. Not a bad deal when you think that the 175hp / 370nm Hirsch upgrade on the 150 diesel is £850.

  8. WooDz, comfort closing windows and park assist are std on Vector Sport AND Aero for MY08.
    I have a Aero 2.0T and my wife has a 1.8t Vector Sport, both purchased in 2005 and I prefer the ride and seat comfort(softer) of my wife’s car but the power of mine.
    All of the competition (Audi, BMW,Mercedes etc) offer a choice of ‘comfort’ and ‘sport’ models with their high output engines both diesel and petrol/gas.
    It is very short-sighted of Saab UK not to do the same(unlike Saab Sweden for instance!)

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