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During my time in Trollhattan, one of the things I really wanted to do was photograph the interior of UrSaab.

I hung around a lot at the Saab Museum in few days before the Saab Festival started. UrSaab was in it’s glassed off area. I approached the museum curator, Peter Backstrom at one point and got “the hand”. Peter was understandably busy as the organiser of the entire festival.

I went through the next few days thinking it wouldn’t be possible and became resigned to the fact.

On the final day of the festival, a lot of the vintage cars were taken out of the museum for a run around in front of all gathered. UrSaab was one of these and for a while it was parked outside next to the museum. The driver’s side window was open, but I wanted to get a full shot of the dash, which is best done from the passenger side. The passenger side window was closed however, resulting in this shot:


I’m not particularly proud of what I did next, but I got my “I came half way around the world for this” mentality on. As the car was unllocked, I quickly opened the door and snapped off this one interior shot. Another guy came up and asked me to hold it open so he could do the same and as I closed it afterwards, I got a quite righteous and deserved telling off from a security guy – in Swedish. He could tell by my sheepish and perplexed look that I didn’t have a clue so he repeated the dose in English, finishing with “These are the rules”.

I got my telling off, but I also got my picture. It and a few other UrSaab detail shots follow.












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  1. Only thing better would have been a shot of you opening the door;-)

    On a way off topic subject, it bugged me that the M3 beat the 9-3 at Shannonville, so I looked for a race where a 9-3 beats an M3 to console myself. Wasn’t hard to find, has been happening consistently…
    From: http://www.1st-motorsport.net/default.aspx?cat=ERC&news=n2005060504
    5. juni 2005 – European Rallycross Championship – Round 3 – Greinbach ( Austria)
    Division 1

    Pos Name Coun Car Points
    1 Hansen Kenneth S Citroën Xsara 20
    2 Larsson Lars S Skoda Fabia 17
    3 Isachsen Sverre N Ford Focus 15
    4 Lindefjell Guttorm N Ford Focus 13
    5 Bermingrud Morten N & nbsp; Citroën Xsara 12
    6 Jernberg Michael S Ford Focus 11
    7 Eklund Per S Saab 9-3 T16 10
    8 Salzgeber Willy A Ford Focus 9
    9 Mrvka Jacub CZ Ford Focus WRC 8
    10 Lindqvist K.G. S Volvo S40 7
    11 Spitaler Franz A BMW M3 6
    12 Kotan Peter H Ford Focus 5
    13 Hindler Franz A VW Golf III 16V 4
    14 Schuster Edy A Mitsubischi Evo 6 3
    15 Fodor György H Toyota Carina T4 2

    From: http://www.scomp.cz/RIS/files%5CME_2003.pdf
    FIA European Championship for Rallycross Drivers 2003
    Division 1
    2 Per Eklund Saab 9-3 T16 4×4 15 (12) 17 20 17 69 17 10 12 (10) 17 56 125
    16 Morgan Antonsson Saab 9-3 T16 4×4 — — — — 9 9 0 3 — — 0 3 12
    32 Franz Spitaler BMW M3 4×4 — — 5 — — 5 — — — — — – 5

  2. You sure thats a SAAB Swade? Where is the cup holder ans SID. You will be telling me its not a hatch next.

    It would be nice to have some URSAAB details in the 9-1. In fact SAAB could do a retro “mini” sized 9-0 to compete with the Mini and the FIAT 500 and base it on the URSAAB

  3. Those pedals look a little odd, like you need to kick them instead of step on them. Maybe it’s just the angle.

  4. Thanks Swade, essential viewing!

    Now I know what to to with the door trims in the 9000. Just goes to show that woodgrain has always been an important part of Saab’s heritage.

    Just think of the squeak and rattle issues that could be fixed by ripping the door trim out of a 9-3 and rivetting some plywood in it’s place!

  5. Saab was obviously a pioneer in the use of wood in the interior as well as front wheel drive, the three point seat belt and asbestos-free brakes. And how could I forget – the turbo!

    zippy 🙂

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