‘verts on Ebay – I don’t get it.

I’ve been trolling through the listings on Ebay tonight. I’m not looking, just browsing. There’s a couple of classic 900 convertibles on there, both of which are very interesting individually and especially when you compare them.

First, there’s this red one:


It looks nice and straight. Red’s always a popular color and this has been proven by the fact that the seller’s been able to attract some bids and the car is currently going for A$6,200.

As I said, it looks OK from out the outside, but I’ll bite my tongue on the job they’ve done with the interior:





Perhaps it’s Stevie Wonder’s car?

Anyway, contrast that with this classic 900 convertible, and that red one looks quite silly in comparison.


First thing this one’s black. A pain in the butt to keep looking great, but worthwhile when the job’s done as it looks brilliant.

Second, it’s a turbo, and for 1993 that’s quite rare.

Third, it’s got its original interior featuring the woodgrain dash.

Fourth, it’s going for only $300 more than where the red one is up to right now. The starting price is $6,500 and where the red one has four bids so far, this one’s not attracted a single bid at this point.

$6,200 for that red 900i that’s been beaten with an ugly stick inside, compared to $6,500 for a classic black?

No contest.

And no, I don’t know the seller.

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  1. Just shows there is no accounting for taste. Also shows that if SAAB offered customised interiors they could sell them and make money.

  2. That red one has to be a girls car. No way a guy would do that to his motor unless he was that way inclined ;).

    Not every lady has Johannas taste and expertise with their cars it seems 🙂

  3. Could be a rescue mission — I have the strong fatherly instinct to adopt the red one to save it from its torment.

    (I’m talking about the right- hand drive.)

  4. dear god… the owner of the red one should be charged with crimes against humanity.

    a friend was once telling me that, at least once upon a time, Rolls Royce would take back their cars from owners who failed to properly service and care for them. looking at that CV, i can just imagine black uniformed soldiers from SAAB forcing the car off the road and telling the owner “we are conviscating this vehicle!”.

    that black CV only has 110,00km… wow.

  5. Steve, you’re supposed to be bidding on the black one to save me the torment of having to buy it instead.

    Failing that, I know where there’s a ’93 5d Turbo if you want one! ;o)


  6. No bidding for me, DB. I’ve got a mortgage to pay off, unfortunately.

    It’d look quite nice sitting next to a black T16 S of the same vintage, though.

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